Never Buy This Engine Oil

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Never Buy This Engine Oil
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  • rev up your engines, Dallas William says what do you think a
  • castrol's twenty thousand mile guarantee, I don't think anything of any
  • companies guarantees for that stuff, because they say Oh use this oil and change
  • it every twenty thousand miles we
  • guaranteed what do they guarantee, you know I've
  • never seen anybody that used any of the products from any of the companies that
  • said that they never got another engine if their engine blew up, they would say
  • it's a pre-existing condition, oh well we guarantee against excessive oil
  • consumption, and we don't think yours is excessive, you try to get something done
  • with one of those guarantees, you know just like years ago that teflon oil that
  • they made in Houston a lubrilon company made it, and they gave all kinds
  • of guarantees, but to my knowledge they never put a free engine in anybody's car,
  • so I think most of stuff's a lot of baloney,
  • mister nacho 1955 says, what causes your back tires to wear out every 10,000
  • miles on my nissan altima 2011, the shocks are bad in the back or the
  • alignment is off, now if it's the shocks they're gonna wear cupped, if the tires are
  • cupped on the edge you know the shocks are bad and they need replacing, if it's
  • the alignment they can go get it checked for any worn parts and get it aligned,
  • people always talk about a front end aligned, well with modern cars you everyone
  • once in a while need front and rear alignment, because the rears are
  • adjustable too, now when I was a young mechanic cars were all rear-wheel drive,
  • there was no adjustment on the back because they had a big differential,
  • solid made out of cast iron differential the rear wheels weren't adjustable, but
  • now they're independent suspension and they're adjustable, so you'd want to get
  • those check for an alignment too, but do see if the shocks are worn out because that
  • will do it too, but then they'll have that cupped wear like I said, Michael
  • hatless says rust module does it work you know I always wondered about that
  • stuff myself, so I asked an engineer and an engineer explained that it's a load
  • of baloney on a car, they do have sacrificial anodes on ships in the ocean
  • in saltwater, and the engineer explained that those work because the ship is
  • floating in the water, and he said if your car was floating in the water they
  • would work, but it's driving on the land and he said they don't work at all then
  • it's gotta be completely immersed for that kind of stuff to work, with it just
  • driving down the road, and salt water if you drive by the ocean here like if
  • you live in Galveston, or if you live up north and they put salt on the road and you
  • get salt water and salt splashed on, those rust modules don't work at all
  • let's face it if they did they'd make them that way so the cars didn't rust, Isaac
  • says what are your thoughts on a Cummins diesel.
  • ok I'm not a Chrysler fan by any stretch of the imagination.
  • but Cummings makes those diesel engines.
  • they are excellent diesel engines there's
  • nothing wrong with a Cummins diesel engines.
  • it's just that a lot of them are in Chrysler's and the rest of the
  • vehicle isn't so hot.
  • but they can still last, they're solid built engines there's
  • nothing wrong with those diesel engines, you know they're big engines they're not
  • great on gas mileage, but they put out quite a bit of power, I got a
  • customer that has one it's still running at 350 thousand miles, the original
  • engine, caesar bed what's the best classic pickup truck for me to buy as a
  • project and start wrenching with my son, okay I'd say you could get a 60s Ford
  • pickup or a 70s Ford pickup, the 60s are all carbureted and of course you're
  • better off with a carbureted than a fuel injected engine, cuz then you can teach
  • him stuff, and if the carburetor goes bad you
  • can throw it away, and you can put an Edelbrock on for like 300 bucks that's
  • gonna run perfectly fine, you know they're all going to fuel injection and all
  • that stuff, and that's a pain cuz things can break cost a fortune, cuz even
  • though it's an older car it's still fuel-injected parts are expensive, get one
  • that's carbed, you can't beat the Fords parts are available for those
  • things forever, Stephen Jourdain says is a right-hand drive Celica in the u.s.
  • good, well I guess if you never pass people it is, the reason they got the
  • steering wheel on the left side for us in the United States, because we drive on
  • the right side of the road, so when you're passing people you can see into
  • the other Lane, you got a right-hand drive car and you're driving on the
  • right, you can't see the other lane that well, I have
  • right hand drive cars where are they drive on the left side of the road, when
  • I went to the British Virgin Islands because it's crazy, it's an English
  • island but almost all the cars are right-hand drive because most of the
  • cars come from Florida, it's a lot closer to Florida than it is in England, so
  • everybody's driving these American cars there but they're driving on the wrong
  • side of the road, and believe me it's not that easy
  • to pass people, now there wasn't too bad cuz most of the island had a speed limit
  • of 20 miles an hour, so you're not going that fast, unless you're a mailman
  • who's delivering mail in the country, it's not that smart of an idea to have
  • it an opposite side, because it isn't that's safe for driving when you're
  • passing, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos
  • remembering to ring that Bell

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