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Welcome to the Netflix Canada Facebook page! This is the place for the latest updates about Netflix for Canadian members.

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I think what we all need right now is some '90s Jim Carrey

현재 이 콘텐츠를 이용할 수 없습니다

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Justin Two-Leaf
Bo Rechka
Tamara Den Bleker
Christian Reynolds
Marie Bergeron
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Nick Parsons
Patrick-Mary Hewitt
Kenton Kruger
Marvin John
a moment of appreciation for the legend herself: Kitty Forman

Kitty Appreciation Post | Netflix Canada

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Ta Bea
Da Dar
Vickey Truax Mcleod
Susan Blackstock-Beckett
Kendal Amanda Thompson
I used to joke "this is me" but now, this is me
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Ray Green
Carol French
Patrick Cameron
Tara Haines
Yann Couture
✨ new this week ✨

pineapple express
the disaster artist
great canadian baking show s1&2
sense & sensibility
step brothers

anger management
bram stoker's dracula
ace ventura: pet detective
far from heaven
the wedding planner
stranger than fiction
monster house
charlie st. cloud
think like a man
the flintstones in viva rock vegas
magic mike
reservoir dogs
the age of...
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Matthew Kyle
Nicole Kunz
Elizabeth Ioannoni
Jena Westergreen
Eliza Ron DeVu
it's another day of the week (allegedly)
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Gina Gin Gaucher
Roslin Belmonte
Amber Wilson
Amy Cahoon
Sherry Bradette
this is your reminder that all 6 seasons of Community arrive on wednesday
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Sandra Jones
Brendon Johns
Shei Bergado-Andrada
Christopher Blundon
Reid Martin
there is just something about the way she says "sure"

Julia Roberts | Netflix Canada

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Rena Pelletier
Robbie Campbell
Craig Sielski
Gina Gin Gaucher
Amy Cahoon
Ozark Season 3 is now streaming: Meet the key players

Ozark Season 3 Now Streaming

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Andrea Konchuk
Lynda Malarsky
Judy Drummond
Manisha Mini Handa
Michelle Mikki
when someone asks what you did today just show them this
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Deborah Heather
Dylan Godard
Coral Lynne
Lisa Martin
Christine Balina