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- |N| - 04-25-19 UPDATE: I am once again posting regular videos and will be expanding my channel to include other games such as Monster Hunter World. Thank you all for sticking by while we finally reached 10k subs! To commemorate, I will be focusing more on the channel and am now putting more time into editing videos, so we can hopefully expect an increase in video/content quality - |N| -

What is the |N|erdslayer channel?
I'm a 6800+ user rank Battle Cats player, and I've had the game since it's beta. This channel focuses on completions of hard stages, while showing the effectiveness of ubers on certain stages.

For a list of my ubers, click here! https://youtu.be/SC5meFSKjGg. Check it out if you have a request to see a specific uber!

- |N| - Leave a comment if you want any advice, I do my best to reply! Thanks for watching and supporting! - |N| -