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#2KSim scores for today.. Agree or nah?
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Φιλιππος Μαστορακης
You takin Fabolous or Ronnie 2K to determine the winner of the Knicks vs Pelicans game?

⌚ 2PM PT
NBA 2K Twitter
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Agree or disagree with today's #2KSim scores?
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Donovan Mitchell gettin buckets with Donovan Mitchell
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Donovan Mitchell reps the Jazz
Ronnie 2K reps the Mavs

Watch here: 2kgam.es/3bu3lAs

NBA 2K20 on Twitter

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Agree with today's results? #2KSim

Stay tuned later for that Jazz vs Mavs game.. We got Donovan Mitchell playin as the Utah Jazz

Live on NBA 2K Twitter at 2PM PT
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Hope our 2K Community is staying safe & healthy

Pick up a free #StaySafe shirt in The Neighborhood and rep your country

Photos from NBA 2K's post

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Our guy Donovan Mitchell is takin on Ronnie 2K tomorrow to decide the Jazz vs Mavs game #2KSim

Who you got?

⌚ 2PM PT
NBA 2K Twitter
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Watch Now We played out the condensed Rockets vs Bucks matchup to determine the winner
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Tonight we're airing the condensed Bucks vs Rockets game using the #2KSim Who you got?

⌚ 5PM PT
NBA 2K Facebook
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