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National Geographic Asia posted on Jan 22, 2020

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The Awa Odori festival is the perfect showcase of Japanese artistry and craftsmanship coupled with centuries-old tradition. The festive atmosphere paints a lighthearted picture over the solemn nature of the Obon holiday.

Photograph by David Guttenfelder, shot with an Alpha 7R IV and G Master lens

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Hidden in a tropical paradise in the center of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a peaceful sanctuary where wild creatures find refuge and thrive. Elephants amble through the forest, while gibbons sing from tree tops and mudskippers walk on land.

Don't miss "Thailand's Wild Side" next Tuesday at 9:30pm HKT, 8:30pm BKK/JKT on Nat Geo WILD! #OneStrangeAsia

Thailand's Wild Side | Nat Geo WILD

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Chef May Chow continues to explore Bangkok's Chinatown and how it inspires her to showcase Chinese food to the world.

She discusses how cooking strengthened her relationship with her mother, and why she doesn't feel the need to hide her love for chicken feet and intestines.


#WhatsCooking #MayChow

What's Cooking with May Chow | National Geographic [Part 2/2]

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Thank you to The Academy for nominating National Geographic documentary #TheCave for a 2020 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, and congratulations to the incredibly brave team behind the film. We hope this will bring more attention to Dr. Amani’s inspiring story. Visit StandWithDrAmani.com.

#OscarNoms #StandWithDrAmani
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Chef May Chow (Best Female Chef 2017, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants) visits Bangkok's Chinatown to discover how ingredients and flavours from China have evolved in this modern gastronomic hub.

Stay tuned for part 2, where Chef May applies her newly acquired knowledge about Thai-Chinese ingredients to create an original dish of her own.


#WhatsCooking #MayChow

What's Cooking with May Chow | National Geographic [Part 1/2]

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From January 13-17, tune into #AustralianOpenWeek on National Geographic!

2:30pm PHT, 1:30pm JKT on Nat Geo Wild
5:50pm PHT, 4:50pm JKT on Nat Geo People
7pm PHT, 6pm JKT on National Geographic
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Hosted by Keegan-Michael Key ("Friends From College," "Toy Story 4," "Lion King"), this new season of #BRAINGAMES challenges some of the world's biggest A-list celebrities to realize their special brain power through fun interactive games, illusions and social experiments.

Brain Games premieres at 9am/9pm on Tuesday, January 21st, on National Geographic. Come and join in on the fun!

Brain Games S6 Official Trailer

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National Geographic Asia posted on Jan 09, 2020

National Geographic Asia's cover photo

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Gamuda Land’s Through Your Lens Photo Contest is accepting entries!
Take your best shot and share your stunning photographs with us for a chance to win exciting prizes worth RM668,000.

Monthly theme for submission include people, nature, townships, and innovation. Submit your photos that tell the story of your experience in Gamuda Land’s townships. Help us explore and share these...

Gamuda Land

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