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A male Alpine ibex stands in front of Mont Aiguille in the French Alps in this image taken by Your Shot photographer Jean-Michel Pouy during the rutting season.

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If your trip style leans more to the rugged and remote, the Italian Dolomites offer an adrenalized beauty even the most adventurous travelers crave.

5 Epic Experiences in Northern Italy

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Let these stunning nighttime shots inspire your next great camping trip.

Brilliant Photos of Campsites Under the Stars

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Join The Trip Sisters on a delightful journey uncovering the rich history of Iceland's iconic turf houses.

Iceland's Turf Houses | Nat Geo x The Trip Sisters

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Photo by @donaldmiralle | First light hits the sandstone red rocks on the impressive monolith “Tower of Babel” as a waning crescent moon moves behind it in the Garden of the Gods Park, Colorado. Human inhabitants of this area go back thousands of years to petroglyphs dating to 1300 BC, with the indigenous Ute people claiming they have always inhabited this sacred land. #followme @donaldmiralle...

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Look back at our first explorers' epic adventures through these classic images.

Legendary Photos from Historic National Geographic Expeditions

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In May 1845, Sir John Franklin took up the quest to find a route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It was the beginning of the grimmest disaster in Arctic exploration.

In 1845 explorers sought the Northwest Passage—then vanished

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Sandpipers in flight are reflected in the water below in this beautiful image captured by Your Shot photographer Bachir Badaoui at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area in California.

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Here's how the acclaimed climber and Oscar-winning filmmaker found his path to adventure storytelling.

Photographer Jimmy Chin on Mastering the Art of Chill

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For the best seats to this celestial scene, consider anywhere with a magnetic latitude above 55° and low light pollution.

7 Magical Places to View Auroras

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