Author, Empowerist and Former Miss Universe has been intensely focused on empowerment coaching and gender equality.

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You don't know your own strength until life gives you an opportunity to see just how strong you can be! We are more resilient than we can even imagine. When the times get tough, just remember...you can and you will get through this! Sleep well or have a great day, winners much love #winningmindset #qualitiesofwinners #resilience #IAMWINNING #iamwinning #winners #winyourlife #winning...

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As we are all forced to stay home and work on ourselves, I'd like to share with you some tools you can download and request for free for your self-improvement.
1. A Free manual: 5 Daily Winning Rituals with worksheets
2. An e-book: 6 Steps to Attract the Love You Deserve.
3. Win the Quarantine: isolation survival guide (coming soon).
4. Book a free "game-changer" call with me to help you win...
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How do you Empower your kids to think like winners and feel good about themselves? Read my latest blog post about 7 superpowers you can remind them they have ‍♀ Link in my stories or visit natalieglebova.com/category/personal and please leave me comments with your ideas! #newblogpost #superpowers #mamaandmaya #mayakellyglebova #NatalieGlebova #winningmindset #winners #winning #IAMWINNING...

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Winner winner - talking to Zivanna Letisha - Miss Universe Indonesia 2009 about my book and her idea of what winning means. We had such a fun talk!
Watch full version on YouTube - [ Youtu.be Link ]

Winner winner - talking to Zivanna Letisha

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If you know me as #MissUniverse2005 , you also might remember me as the "glass-half-full" kinda person So in my true beauty queen fashion let me remind you guys (in case you need a reminder) what are some positives we can see from our current situation?

1. Families have time to spend time together and bond ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
2. Writers can finish their books, painters can paint their masterpieces,...

10 reasons to be happy about our current situation

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New blog post on mindful parenting is out! Read, comment, like and share:
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"I opened one eye and saw Maya looking up at me with curiosity. She asked me what I was doing, and I explained that it was my meditation time and she’s welcome to join me anytime she wants. I stroked her gorgeous honey colored curly hair and told her how beautiful it is. To my surprise, her...
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Surrender open your heart breathe in life
We often forget to do this and instead, we resist life, close ourselves up and get caught up in thoughts, worries and anxieties. But what if you were to stop worrying and start simply to surrender to life and allow it to unfold in its natural way?
Everything that happens is neither good or bad - it is what it is. Every "bad" thing can turn...

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Natalie Glebova posted on Feb 26, 2020

Natalie Glebova

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Get your FREE copy of my ebook: 6 Steps to Attract the Love you Deserve!
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Let's start WINNING in Love! <3

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