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Challenge your body to get stronger, faster and fitter ‍♀

We've got the perfect formula to cut through the noise and get you closer to success. Feel stronger, fitter and healthier with our Tone-Up Guide.

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The Tone-Up Guide

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There’s nothing worse than plain, dry chicken — which is why instagram.com/niallkirkland's super-simple marinade ideas are an instant winner for your dinner


Chicken Breast (Done 3 Ways)

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For a pro boxer, working on his training and nutrition every single day can make all the difference.

Joshua knows the importance of picking himself and pushing on through every session, fight, and fall.

@joshuabuatsi is #ForeverFit — and so are you.


Forever Fit | Joshua

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What's your favourite muscle group to train?

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Kill off those chocolate cravings for good.

Banana & Chocolate Overnight Oats | Start Your Day Strong | MYPROTEIN™

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Giving Veganuary a go? We’ve got the perfect recipe for you to mix up your meal prep with.

Try these deliciously crispy tofu pieces paired with a tangy teriyaki sauce for the perfect ‘fakeaway’ win.

Created by instagram.com/niallkirkland


Teriyaki Tofu & Rice

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Feel like you spend most of your day slumped at your desk?

Here are 5 easy ways to keep active while you're at work.

#ForeverFit #MondayMotivation

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Jack McCreath
The only protein balls recipe you’ll ever need to make a delicious protein-packed snack every single time.

The Only Protein Balls Recipe You'll Ever Need | MYPROTEIN™

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As a national bodybuilding champion, Gerald Alavazo pushes his body to the limits day in day out.

His ability to push through the pain and train on have lit up his road to success.

Gerald is #ForeverFit — and so are you.

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Limitations only exist in the mind

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