Preparing for major surgery, tackling love lives and facing the world in the body they were meant to be in - follow inspiring individuals as they go through their transitioning journey.

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This couple prove that changing gender doesn't mean you're a different person

My GF Changed Gender But We're Still In Love

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Having transgender kids isn't about pushing an agenda, it's about showing support and love to your children ✨

Both of Our Kids Are Transgender

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Debbie Vela
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Identical twin brothers are now brother and sister, after Jada transitioned into a woman - it was also through watching his sister transition that gave twin brother Miguel the confidence to come out as gay

My Identical Twin Is Transgender

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After being married with kids for 16 years, Natalie finally came out as transgender to her wife

We Opened Our Marriage After My Husband Transitioned

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Meet Rebekah Bruesehoff - the 10-year-old transgender girl ‘the media warned you about’

‘I’m The Scary Transgender Person The Media Warned You About’

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This transgender couple are proof that love wins

I'm Transgender & So Is My Partner

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Born with half a body, Piyah uses a skateboard to get around. She's overcome challenges her whole life, including the transition from male to female. Now, having found the man of her dreams, Piyah finally feels complete - because living a full life isn’t about what we have, but who we share it with

Trans Woman With Half A Body Finds Love

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My girlfiend is now my Husband

My Girlfriend Is Now My Husband

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A gay trans woman called 'dad', a disabled partner and a bisexual daughter - this family might be 'different', but they totally own it

My Dad’s Big Boobs And Me

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A woman who was born without sexual organs is finally getting the vagina she's dreamed of

Woman With No Sexual Organs Finally Gets A Vagina

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