Chef v Chef, Fans v Faves, House v House – You’ve never seen an #MKR like this!

In an MKR first, five former favourite teams go head-to-head with five new teams in the fiercest competition yet.

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Happy Birthday Manu Feildel!

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After last night's incredible showdown let's take a walk through time and see where it all began...

Watch the 2013 #MKR Grand Final now on 7plus [ Bit.ly Link ]
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#MKR definitely wouldn't be the same without Dan & Steph! ❤

#MKR | Dan & Steph Say Goodbye

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Congratulations Jake & Elle!

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My Kitchen Rules posted on Mar 25, 2020

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"There's one word for that dessert; and that's beautiful."

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#MKR | Jake & Elle's Dessert | Now on 7plus

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Say hello to your 2020 #MKR Champions!
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Who do you want to be seen crowned the 2020 #MKR Champions?

Who do you want to be seen crowned the 2020 #MKR Champions?

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Could this be Dan & Steph's best dish in My Kitchen Rules history?


#MKR | Dan & Steph's Main Course

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"Jake & Elle are freaking out"


#MKR | Jake Forgets The Beans

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