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  • alright guys welcome back to know video
  • channel hope you guys are all having a
  • great day and man I'm excited to bring
  • you guys this video man I don't think
  • I've been this excited to bring you guys
  • a video since probably my first knifing
  • nuclear in blackouts war so as you guys
  • could probably tell from the title I got
  • my first ever knifing nuked out in black
  • ops 4 in an any Call of Duty game I have
  • never got a nuke toute knifing only ever
  • now so many guys may not know the
  • difference between a nuclear and a nukes
  • out a nuke town is only in free-for-all
  • you can only get a nuke town in
  • free-for-all and that is getting all of
  • your kills either with your specialist
  • or your weapon and you have to get 30
  • kills you cannot get any score Street
  • kills at all now a nuclear you can
  • actually get that in a TDM in any other
  • mode besides free-for-all well you can
  • still technically get a nuclear and
  • free-for-all but it's called a nuke town
  • instead of a nuclear so the only
  • difference between a nuclear and a nuke
  • Dow is pretty much you just can't get a
  • new town in any other mode but
  • free-for-all now I have actually got
  • nuked outs with guns like I got one with
  • the rk7 I got a couple back in black ops
  • 2 I've just never been able to getting
  • nukes out with a knife in Call of Duty
  • for some reason and this is the first
  • Cod I've ever got a nuclear Iran to
  • which is pretty damn crazy so anyways if
  • you guys could go ahead and drop a light
  • down below a man lets you for something
  • great let's do for like 75 hundred
  • lights on today's video I know you guys
  • can do it man the gameplay is crazy
  • all right so I was in this Lobby for I'd
  • say round three or four games and I'm
  • still show you guys the three games
  • because the guys in game chat were
  • pretty hilarious and I thought it was
  • funny so I'm sure you guys those three I
  • think the second one is the new tab
  • which was on seaside so I'll put a time
  • stamp on the screen so you guys can just
  • skip to that if you just want to watch
  • the nuked out and yeah I hope you guys
  • enjoy today's video if you do don't
  • forget to subscribe and turn on those
  • post notifications think that's about it
  • let's go and hop into it man what
  • [Music]
  • who's that guy with the knife the guy
  • with the knife wakie call me fake Roma
  • fake Wow go try to end this game when I
  • relentless can I do it people pull the
  • clutch arena does he know
  • no a little shit will shotgunner oh my
  • god what even is this lobby these knives
  • say the dog is bitumen to ass cheek
  • thank your that correctly oh you little
  • dog
  • let's go samurai sword and it's so sad
  • oh that little kids really just say that
  • I'm gonna get my booty cheeks clap boy
  • holy shit free-for-all hey I spawned in
  • my spot that sounds so weird
  • I forgot how there's combat knives it
  • sounds weird as shit on this map Wow
  • take that kill - yep you got a brother
  • you got it oh my god let's say magic I
  • get a quadrant there that'll be nuts
  • only I've ever got a quad on knifing and
  • free-for-all oh look so dirty still his
  • mom's thank you I'm backing up he's
  • gonna push in yeah these guys are
  • pushing to you he's not trying hard but
  • he's really good bro just just say it I
  • am pretty good shot hard he was playing
  • that nerdy - he jumped on top of the
  • buzz this man on the phone does mom or
  • is dead the fuse I don't even know me oh
  • you play without hands
  • missa he not playing with no hands
  • wait hey enough boy 1 oh hey you point
  • your toe nails hey what's your feet how
  • do you play with no hands man playing
  • with a shoe he said please get out the
  • building great you know damn well I'm
  • not getting out that bill oh my god that
  • was a headshot he's so funny
  • is he crying oh you just said I'm gonna
  • ask you oh wow I shouldn't say that was
  • stupid I'm getting the hell out of there
  • I don't like that place and go for the
  • the new dope 115 listen to it if I get a
  • new tennis lucky that I don't know if
  • that would even count bro this is such a
  • new blog trust me I'll take it but like
  • does that even count in this Lobby
  • though oh oh enemy rcxd I gotta I gotta
  • take this out where's it going alright
  • so all the way down I hope good we're
  • good
  • we got six minutes to drop this nuclear
  • I think I can do it he's using his RC in
  • the corner over there
  • well don't feel shit thank you someone
  • definitely spawned on this corner back
  • here or not that's famous I'm not famous
  • well it's kind of sore
  • someone's got a dog I got a feeling I'm
  • gonna die to the dog here's one right
  • here it's a dog gone I really don't
  • wanna die to a dog that's gonna be so
  • depressing shake it shake it shake
  • little shit no no tell me
  • oh he's chasing so hard I'm getting hell
  • out Hey
  • no you're not gonna kill me I'm not
  • gonna let it happen oh my god you got a
  • war machine I'm on a 19 hey that's
  • pretty good yeah it's not half bad bro
  • it gives longer the stairs
  • pro player I don't know about that
  • that's stretching it did I keep freaking
  • Napper hey I don't know where little man
  • is oh there's the brutal
  • he's got top he's up top
  • no you just jumped down
  • let's go I got it
  • that's a nuclear yeah I've seen a pop up
  • at the end I got the noodles let's go
  • man that was insane
  • I mean I don't know if that really
  • counts or not know why zoom for Steve's
  • in the lobby that's still pretty cool to
  • get a Nuke tout but that one guy was
  • just pushing me over and over and over
  • again dude that's crazy though brah got
  • the nuke down let's go I finally got one
  • on my account
  • yeah there's the new table reward right
  • there the little man leave now he's
  • doing you dude he's dude he's talking to
  • his mom right now you shut that fucking
  • door
  • uh dude I heard his mom in the
  • background on a percentage my plants one
  • him I got my hand Gator let's go I got
  • it it's me I really got a dude I'm out
  • here playing against people with the
  • injuries dan that really makes the
  • nuketown not feel good bro those I made
  • the special controller so I can play
  • with him yo this man nah he's gotta be
  • fuckin with me bro there's no way he got
  • his hand to amputate well I mean then
  • again I was killing him alive that's
  • crazy bro no way I'm playing to do with
  • one hand the type of all these youtubers
  • get real
  • hey I've been recording for two hours
  • and 36 minutes so hey it's not like I
  • get this one game and then hop off you
  • know the knife's did me first
  • yes I did brother no he killed me
  • how did you not realize only you are
  • gone if I can't oh my god what you know
  • what the please what I shot them
  • there's camping that's why camping I'm
  • letting the kid no no he father we go
  • you finally got me he's so happy -
  • that's amazing
  • easily genuinely freaking out right now
  • not pretty cute with me I tried sniper
  • well what else a nice Tom log see I mean
  • honestly that nuketown wasn't that bad
  • because I had that dude haunting me the
  • whole time nice and I killed him again
  • you should put the knives down no I'm
  • not no one knows I hear no what do you
  • hear to subscribe for now and wait hey
  • good
  • oh my god please please die please die
  • little shit that I would office back
  • there I say the quadrant repro
  • oh this is a famous youtuber I think
  • I'll put his videos another fuckin well
  • watch my videos but he's not subscribed
  • to well YouTube in our name you probably
  • biased me if I am but my friend bite all
  • huh he said he put his friend really put
  • his friend out there like that bro yeah
  • my friend bought all of his hopes all
  • 150 he bought all of them I was there to
  • witness it how do you do this bro
  • living family basis you can check your
  • last game I got last Co but this man
  • right here scuse me bro you scared
  • come on bro don't camp okay just don't
  • really got me when I think it's away
  • with you
  • what was that even hungry my favorite
  • yes subscribe
  • oh really just call me know what I got
  • me
  • [Music]

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