My First Gambling Experience

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My First Gambling Experience
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  • (Domics Intro)
  • My first gambling experience happened when I was maybe,
  • mmm, eight or nine years old. No, I didn't sneak into a casino,
  • or bet on chicken fights (That happened when I was 12)
  • No, my first participation in gambling involved the kids currency of my elementary school's recess grounds -
  • Slammers!
  • If you grew up in the 90s, you might remember pogs and Slammers, generically known as milk caps,
  • which was a popular game for kids that involved using two types of flat disks.
  • The pogs are typically cardboard cutouts with designs on either side.
  • I remember I had this pog maker where you could insert cutouts of magazines, or literally whatever drawing you want and make pogs with him.
  • It was neat.
  • Unfortunately, the kids at my school didn't give a shit about pogs,
  • We only cared about Slammers!
  • The heavier disc made from plastic, and sometimes rubber and metal
  • But we banned those from play
  • The rules were simple.
  • First you and your opponent select an amount of pogs to bet, but since my school went hard
  • we bet Slammers. Once you've agreed on the amount
  • You pile them on top of each other facedown in whatever order you wish. Then you select your goes first
  • usually by calling heads or tails on a slammer flip, and then you take turns using one of your Slammers,
  • separate from the pile and
  • throwing it at the pile to flip them face-up. If the person manages to flip some over, you take the remaining
  • facedown Slammers and restack them and then it's the other person's turn. Whoever flips the most, wins.
  • NO ONE at my school played for fun. Everyone played for keeps. So whichever ones you flip, was then yours.
  • I didn't really understand the stakes of when you bet something that belonged to you and didn't know for sure if you'd win it back
  • But... I was a kid. The concept of value was still in development. It was a new experience.
  • I didn't really have that many Slammers
  • I don't exactly remember but I assume pogs sets probably only come with like two or four Slammers
  • because you didn't really need any more than that to flip the pogs with another player
  • But then at school you have kids with long cylindrical cases
  • pouches and deep pockets full of Slammers, like you could tell which kid was bawlin depending on how loud he jingled when they walked.
  • I don't know who determined their value but some Slammers were apparently more rare than others.
  • So some people would even bet with multiple of their less valuable Slammers to match it's worth when challenging someone.
  • I was one of those people who apparently had a rare slammer or maybe mine was just in better condition and more colorful I guess?
  • I'm not sure which one I had. It could have been a simple design from Lion King
  • It might have been spawn. It might have been a Star Wars one
  • I don't remember
  • But some kid at recess saw that I was looking to play and he bet two of his Slammers for one of mine.
  • I accepted.
  • heads or tails?
  • Um... heads?
  • No wait, tails!
  • Um.. okay, so... then it's my turn?
  • and just like that. I lost my first slammer. I mean looking back like, okay, whatever
  • It was just a slammer, probably worth like a less than a dollar, but no! I was devastated man
  • As a kid, I only owned so many things. So to lose anything? It hit hard. I had to win it back.
  • Wait!
  • I'll...
  • I'll play you for this one. It was my last slammer.
  • and because I was betting it, I didn't have another to slam with
  • So I asked the kid if I could borrow his and like the good sport he was, he let me
  • Whoa, I - I won! And I was reunited with my Simba Spawn Wars slammer
  • Rematch- It felt...
  • Good! It was the beginning of a childhood gambling addiction
  • I was in the game. All my friends were too. We played it every recess and honed our craft
  • People were even doing dumb ritual techniques before they slammed, like it was good luck?
  • They honestly only worked half the time, but I guess that was enough for people to believe it was good luck
  • The recess grounds were ruthless. Certain kids developed
  • Reputations for being the best in the game, and it was suicide to try and challenge them
  • They were noobs stompers. If they challenged you, it was advised to reject them. But kids accepted anyway
  • because if you didn't, you'd be called
  • Honestly, I'm surprised there isn't an anime based on pogs and Slammers. Not saying it'd be good,
  • I'm just surprised it doesn't exist already.
  • There were plenty of times where I lost all of my
  • Slammers. But like any gambling addiction, that wasn't enough to stop me from playing. I went to friends and asked for loans on their Slammers
  • And promised to owe him back just so I could get back in the game
  • Mike... I-I need your help.
  • Could I borrow one of your-
  • No, Domi.
  • My best friend at the time nicknamed me Domi, based on the hockey player 'Tie Domi' and so I went by Domi in elementary school.
  • No Domi.
  • You've had enough. This game has ruined you. Mike
  • Mike...
  • Please, I-I have a family. Yeah, well, so do I!
  • ...
  • Right, h-how's your mom by the way? She's good, asked when you'll come over for dinner again
  • Hmm, maybe this Friday? After you lend me a slammer!
  • It was nuts.
  • We got so bad that one time some kid tripped or something and dropped all of his Slammers, and instead of helping him,
  • Kids just looted him and ran. And I'm gonna be up-front. I was a well-behaved child,
  • but I wasn't a model child. I was one of those kids. I'm sorry, I'm not proud of it, but I'm a changed man now
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