My Favorite Cat That’s Not! (It's the Not-A-Cat Cat!)

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01:55   |   Nov 03, 2015


My Favorite Cat That’s Not! (It's the Not-A-Cat Cat!)
My Favorite Cat That’s Not! (It's the Not-A-Cat Cat!) thumb My Favorite Cat That’s Not! (It's the Not-A-Cat Cat!) thumb My Favorite Cat That’s Not! (It's the Not-A-Cat Cat!) thumb


  • I didn't know you had a cat.
  • Oh, I don't.
  • That's a Not-a-Cat Cat.
  • That's not a cat over there?
  • Exactly.
  • Wait, wait, wait, I'm confused.
  • It's a cat?
  • Yes.
  • But it's also not a cat?
  • Which part do you not get?
  • So you're telling me it's not a cat?
  • Yes.
  • But it's a cat.
  • Mm-hmm.
  • Well, what else does it do?
  • What else does it do?
  • Feature roll call!
  • [MEOW]
  • Bonus ear breakdown.
  • Feature roll call.
  • I get it, it's not a cat.
  • No, how are you not getting this?
  • Oh, cute!
  • It's like a stuffed animal cat, but it's not a cat.
  • What an adorable Not-a-Cat Cat.
  • Marry me.
  • Not-a-Cat Cat could only be more real if it were actually a cat.
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  • Or maybe this one did have a cat in it.
  • It didn't not have a cat.
  • [MEOW]
  • Is that even a meow?

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The Not-a-Cat Cat is the world's first cat that's not-a-cat. Pretty simple really. Is it a cat? Yeah, of course it is. It's just not-a-cat.

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Okay, let's start at the beginning. A cat is a cat. The Not-a-Cat Cat is a cat that isn't. Some of its famous attributes include: luxurious long fur, cuddletude, sticktutiveness, synergy, moxie, an extra ear and noise making. Are you a Not-a-Cat Cat person yet?

The Not-a-Cat Cat is stuffed with foam beads instead of traditional poly-fill stuffing for a truly ambiguous shape. The "stuffed" also features luxuriously long fur that leaves you questioning its mortal existence.

When the bonus ear is pressed, the little furblob produces a noise similar to a meow, but don't call it a meow because it's not-a-cat.


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