My B-Boy Days

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My B-Boy Days
My B-Boy Days thumb My B-Boy Days thumb My B-Boy Days thumb


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  • *Domics Intro*
  • When I was a kid, probably like eleven or twelve.
  • I went to this party with a bunch of family friends.
  • I think it was someone's birthday?, I don't really remember.
  • I had this friend there, we'll call him CJ.
  • At some point during the party the dance floor became open
  • And the DJ was letting loose with them BEATS.
  • Not by Dre...
  • I wasn't much of a party person, much less a dancer
  • So I just remain at my table, probably beating Pokemon Red for the eighth time on my Gameboy.
  • I was sitted next to
  • CJ and his family and I over heard his dad say
  • "Shht, hey, I'll give you ten bucks if you do your thing."
  • By the way, Filipinos don't go "Psst" to get your attention.
  • Like normal people, they go.. SHHT
  • Like they're shooting a tranquilizer dart from their mouth.(lmfao)
  • It's more effective, you should try it.
  • And with no hesitance, CJ took the bill and walked to the dance floor.
  • And I was like, oh he's probably gonna do the macarena dance or something.
  • Hehe- WOH
  • N-NANI??!
  • What the-
  • Wha-
  • What the fu-
  • Dude...
  • dude....
  • CJ was such a cool kid man, he was only
  • A year older than me and *fist bump* well actually he still is..
  • Like.. I guess that..that's how age should work?
  • Random Memory! I remember being on this school bus
  • And in elementary, this kid was taking on this girl who
  • had a new-born baby brother. I don't know why I remember that.
  • And she retorted with "When my brother grows up..
  • he's gonna kick your butt!".
  • And I just thought, doesn't..
  • Does she not know that this kid will get older and bigger
  • too? Unless she intended on him
  • getting that much older and h-her brother
  • who is, like a younger, more healthy age would
  • beat this senior version
  • of this bully?
  • That's alot of time to hold a grudge.
  • I don't condone bullying but that interaction was pretty funny
  • And I really looked up to CJ as a kid. I didn't see him often
  • but I remember him being one of the coolest guys around my age.
  • CJ comebacks from the set and everyone
  • was complimenting him and I think that's when I thought,
  • MAN.
  • I want to be that cool.
  • So then I became a Youtuber, The End!
  • *Slapped by humility*
  • Ah oh okay I'm sorry.. Alright
  • I wanted to learn how to breakdance but I didn't really have anyone to practice with.
  • CJ was kinda far, my friends were uninterested.
  • And it wasn't until I moved to Virginia in 11th grade
  • that I found people that share my interest.
  • I just though B-Boys and B-Girls were so COOL
  • just the idea that whenever there was a random dance song
  • whether on the streets or at a wedding reception
  • you can kick someone's ass without violence!!
  • Dude that's poetic!
  • Not to say the purpose of Breakdancing is to create hostility
  • between people. quite
  • the opposite actually.. From my experience, B-Boy-ing has helped me
  • befriend a lot of people not only helping me Break
  • [Pun intended] out of my timid shell.
  • I found out that CJ actually took classes to learn
  • Breakdancing,
  • *lip Smack*
  • And I thought, my parents would never approve of me doing that.
  • HA NAKO [TRANS: Oh my child!] (philippinos represent!)
  • you're just going to break your bones.
  • And they were already paying for my Taekwondo classes so
  • I had to learn on my own. So when I was 16, I had my friend, Min.
  • From my taekwondo class and my two friends Daniel and Kenny.
  • who I befriended in my Taek class of mixed-grades.
  • And we got pretty close and I remember going to Daniel's house
  • pretty much any other day to just have sessions
  • Which we mostly came out of with... Bruises
  • But it was still fun! :D
  • Not to long later, more friends joined us. Jay, whom I found really annoying at first because
  • he called me a porcupine head in the halls when I barley even knew him.
  • And Teren who now actually dances professionally
  • and teaches classes for Hip-Hop dance and choreography.
  • Dom: What the heck I used to play Smash with this guy!
  • So proud of you Teren ಥʖ̯ಥ (continued by Vicc, thanks Happy ^-^)
  • I face value my reasons for wanting to learn how to bboy
  • might have been a little shallow
  • A lot of dancers give you this whole speech about expressing yourself
  • and having an outlook of your emotions
  • and while I don't disagree, and actually find great truth in that,
  • Honestly, I...I, just wanted to be cool!
  • I mean it wasn't work, I had fun with it. I was the new kid
  • in a new school, in a new country. I didn't exactly
  • make many friends in the 2 years I lived in Virginia
  • but I'm glad I got to know who I did
  • I wanted to leave my mark. I thought b-boys and b-girls
  • we're so frickin' awesome
  • and I too wanted to be awesome!
  • I mentioned this in previous videos, but I was a really shy and introverted kid
  • that got bullied often because I was short and an easy target
  • I thought anyone who could break dance had this sort of
  • aura of respectable intimidation
  • I was tired of being disrespected. I wanted people to know
  • that there was more than me than my size
  • And you're probably thinking, "Oh, so you use to break dance Dom!"
  • "You're a B-Boy, hoh?"
  • "Let's see you do some HEADSPINS and AIRFLARES!"
  • Nah, I was really more into the style and footwork aspects of b-boying. Not to bag on powerheads
  • but I really disliked it when that's all some people could do
  • They had no sense of rhythm or flavour
  • They weren't hitting the beat KNOWWHATIMEAN
  • Of course back flips and head spins have there WOW factors
  • But if that's all you can do, then, your just doing moves
  • that just happen to be accompanied with background music, I didn't think
  • they were dancing. And so I had great respent for
  • style heads who had really unique sets that involved
  • for movements I didn't know was possible with the human body.
  • But hey! Power moves are still amazing to witness! Some of my favorite
  • b-boys to watch in the past were Ronnie,
  • Hong 10, Lilou, Taisuke, and Born, Redfoot, and Physicx of the Rivers Crew
  • I watched these guys
  • almost everyday and I just thought...
  • I wanna be that cool!
  • It was 2007, and with the new YouTube platform
  • at the time, watching other b-boys and crews were more
  • accessible, and so it was really useful
  • when trying to teach ourselves certain moves
  • One of my TaekWonDo teachers even gave me his VHS collection
  • of b-boy films and tutorials, and even let us use the floor
  • for a few minutes after class to practice moves
  • that would otherwise break our hips if we didn't have the mats to soften our falls
  • Shout out to you Mr. Dabla
  • You're the best!
  • Every year at Freedom High School they held
  • INTERNATIONAL NIGHT, an event that showcased performances by students
  • representing many different cultures.
  • My friends, and a few others, banded together and created
  • I don't remember who named it, and I don't get why because
  • Teren's black as ****
  • Anyway, Kollaborazn represented of the hip hop dance culture for INTERNATIONAL NIGHT
  • And while I didn't take part in my junior year, i did perform with everyone
  • in my senior year. I think it was my first time performing
  • a dance like that to an audience, and I definitely had the
  • jitters before getting on stage. But much like the adrenaline I got
  • from track and field, my ultra instinct kicked in as we went up.
  • We kicked ass.
  • Along with our overall choreography, we each had our solos
  • and got our individual moments in the spotlight.
  • And in hindsight, it probably wasn't the best performance
  • and we did make small mistakes, but regardless
  • it was definetly the highlight of my high school years
  • It was then that I felt I achieved...
  • Granted, it was near the end of my senior year, but I cherished
  • it nonetheless
  • Even before that performance, Daniel gave our b-boy group a name.
  • Notice Our Style
  • The NOS crew
  • And after international night, we continued to
  • do other small performances at small events and charities during summer break.
  • I eventually had to move back to Canada during University
  • And even I still continued to practice and try to look for b-boy
  • communities to meet new people. And when I
  • visited Virginia, I'd session with the crew
  • and go to battles
  • But eventually the weight of my school workload led me to stop.
  • It's unfortunate, but break dancing will always
  • remain part of my childhood and early adulthood.
  • And every once in a while I would look back and think..."Damn"
  • I'm still not as cool as CJ
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