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Incredible two nights at the O2. London, thank you for being an amazing crowd to put on film.


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Jennifer Mawby
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Epic evening in Amsterdam


Hans-Peter van Velthoven
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Berlin! Thanks for rocking with us ⚡‪

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André Ro
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Lila Laune Leila
Ernesto Tartaglione
Origin of Muse.
9 CDs.
4 Vinyl.
48 page booklet.
113 tracks in total, with more than 40 unreleased.
Coming 6 December 2019.
Pre-order now: [ Mu-se.co Link ]
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Simon Lloyd
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Stephanie Louise Betsarkis
Paul Sargeant
Robert Gibbons

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‪Tak København ‬

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Ane Sandal
We’ve launched the Simulation once again in Europe. Thanks for last
night Oslo!

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Juan Cabañero Martinez
Алексей Кириленко
Ellinor Olsen
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Ricke Klinger
In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the band’s debut album Showbiz, Muse have announced the release of the deluxe boxed set Origin of Muse, available 6 December 2019.

This deluxe set will chronicle the band from their early beginnings in Devon, their early demos, first EPs debut album and breakthrough record Origin of Symmetry.

The collection is housed in a 48-page casebound book &...

Origin of Muse

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‪Back on the road again ‬


‪#SimulationTheoryWorldTour ‬
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All you need is glove @exogenesis.art

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