Most Unorthodox Tennis Match Ever (50FPS)

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Most Unorthodox Tennis Match Ever (50FPS)
Most Unorthodox Tennis Match Ever (50FPS) thumb Most Unorthodox Tennis Match Ever (50FPS) thumb Most Unorthodox Tennis Match Ever (50FPS) thumb


  • Egzod - Paper Crowns
  • Here we go. It's been quite a long time after they first walked on court, that's normal for Rafa.
  • Ready now.
  • That's a typical Dustin Brown point.
  • (Laughter)
  • You gotta love that!
  • - Was that a second serve?
  • - That was a second serve, I'm sure!
  • (Laughter)
  • How do you prepare for someone like this?
  • That's a nice touch there from Nadal.
  • That's good hands again!
  • Well that's a beautiful game...
  • From Rafa Nadal, picking up...
  • Well Rafa- guess he saw Roger's match.
  • Ooh!
  • That's ridiculous.
  • What was that?
  • What was his-
  • That's gotta be at least a hundred.
  • Maybe harder than he served it!
  • Dead in.
  • (Laughter)
  • I think that's...
  • (Laughter)
  • Woah!
  • Each player's played two spectacular return games!
  • Harder, please?
  • (Hit)
  • Out!
  • (Catch)
  • He writes right handed and catches pretty well right handed too!
  • Well that was a magnificent passing shot from Nadal...
  • Oh!
  • Mark that one down for shot of the day!
  • He can execute any shot!
  • The long arm of the law, once again.
  • He's two points from niffing this first set!
  • Ooh...
  • Rafa Nadal whacked his leg there trying to get the ball...
  • And he's hurt himself a little bit. But, what really hurts is this first set!
  • He'll have to try to go at him.
  • He's gotta start using that lob.
  • He could use a break now.
  • He's not as big of a server as you know, the Isner's, the Karlo-
  • Won a couple five setters. You know, before they went...
  • Ooh...
  • That's...
  • Probably the right call, to go right at him.
  • Vintage Nadal there, off the back foot.
  • Oh, he hit that back!
  • It's just...
  • You know he's gonna make it!
  • Ooh, watch out.
  • You gotta go the other way.
  • And be quick.
  • No!
  • Set to Nadal! Nadal wins 6-3.
  • Rafa's got very good touch as well.
  • No future there!
  • (Laughter)
  • There it is again.
  • That's the way he started the match and that's the way he's going to play it...
  • And that would be the way he'll end it.
  • We've got about fifty lines of stats and numbers and percentages...
  • What we don't have is a half volley cross court dropshot winner.
  • And loser.
  • Nadal happy that serve was out.
  • Well, same result!
  • If that had gone over, I think we...
  • We would all have been totally amazed.
  • That's a shot you don't see very often.
  • (Laughter)
  • You do on park courts.
  • (Chuckle)
  • Certainly aren't used to seeing him double fault twice in a row.
  • Oh, I don't believe it!
  • I think that came off the throat- the frame!
  • Not at all intimidated by where he is.
  • ...Or he sure wouldn't be a hundred and two in the world.
  • In qualifying here.
  • Woah...
  • That again, was a second serve.
  • It was on his racket, he missed it. Great hold after a great...
  • (Sneeze from the crowd)
  • Bless you.
  • (Laughter)
  • Couldn't he get a first serve for that?
  • (Laughter)
  • In the zone, is Dustin Brown.
  • That wasn't up was it?
  • - Interesting...
  • - No, Nadal saying come one, that's not up!
  • He had to put the ball away...
  • Serve and volley points won one out of one, Nadal.
  • Brown, forty-three of sixty-five!
  • Oh! He has won the point.
  • And he's saved break points..
  • (Laughter)
  • I think Brown thought his serve was out.
  • See him stop moving forward but...
  • Well, he's earning it!
  • He deserved it, he really did!
  • It's only two sets to one. He's gotta win one of the next two.
  • He's gonna go and take a little break.
  • This guy's from another world!
  • Him and Monfils, eh?
  • Athletes or what?
  • You have no chance now, in this game.
  • Oh my.
  • Do you know what? He just...
  • Actually, maybe not here. Wimbledon, last three, four years.
  • Ooh...
  • You what's amazing? We've seen that like, eight times.
  • Nadal could change the position where he's returning...
  • Oh, he's left it! He could've played it.
  • It's in!
  • Woah!
  • The forehand whip!
  • Just wide.
  • The win of his career!
  • Dustin Brown...
  • Rafa Nadal, out! of the championships!
  • First Thursday, second round!
  • Inspiration!

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Dustin Brown won agaisnt Nadal at Wimbledon 2015 in the most strangest ways possible! His unorthodox play style was just too much for Nadal. Enjoy the 50fps highlights!

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