Most Unexpected Videos On The Internet (GAME)

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Most Unexpected Videos On The Internet (GAME)
Most Unexpected Videos On The Internet (GAME) thumb Most Unexpected Videos On The Internet (GAME) thumb Most Unexpected Videos On The Internet (GAME) thumb


  • - Today I inspect the unexpected.
  • - Let's talk about that.
  • (groovy electronic music)
  • Good Mythical Morning.
  • - Recently Rhett and I took a long trip over to Smosh--
  • - Whoo! - To be in one of their
  • Try Not To Laugh videos so now it's your turn
  • to head on over to the Smosh Pit, the channel,
  • to see how we did it. - Yes.
  • Life is full of surprises, luckily with today's technology,
  • the fact that we're a generation of narcissists,
  • we capture all those surprises on video
  • and then we upload them to the internet.
  • - And then we play a game about them
  • which we'll capture on video and upload to the internet.
  • - What?
  • It's time for Will The Ending Be Detected,
  • In This Game I Have Erected,
  • Where Link Is Subjected To These Vids From R/Unexpected?
  • - And will you get dejected when I am ejected
  • from the projected...
  • Smeck-eck-ected.
  • - Oh, you had to make up words that soon
  • in the rhyming exercise, it's fine.
  • Okay.
  • - I usually use rhymezone.com.
  • - Link I know that you-- - Not a sponsor.
  • - You like me like to lurk over on the Reddit website.
  • - Yes I do. - We call it, reddit.com.
  • And one of the subreddits over there is this unexpected
  • which basically is videos that start a certain way
  • and you don't know how they're going to end.
  • I'm gonna show you the beginning of those videos
  • and then I'm gonna give you some choices as
  • to how they're going to end, unexpected ways.
  • - I bet they're all gonna be unexpected.
  • - Yes they are in this game that I have erected. (chuckles)
  • - Okay, well, yeah.
  • Happet-ki-klekted.
  • - Okay and if you get four out of these right,
  • I have to make an unexpected video on our Instagram.
  • If you don't, well, maybe you do.
  • - Okay. - It's a punishment.
  • 'Cause we don't like making video. (chuckles)
  • (Link chuckles)
  • That's what we're communicating here.
  • All right let's show the beginning of the first video.
  • - Okay.
  • Okay so we're in the world of golf.
  • - World of golf.
  • - Golfers with beanies, you know, that combination,
  • something's bound to go unexpected.
  • - What happens next, A, the ball hits a wedding party.
  • B, he gets run over by a golf cart.
  • C, the club slips from his hand, flies straight up
  • into the air and falls back down, whacking him in the head,
  • or D, nothing, it's golf.
  • - (chuckles) Nothing ever happens.
  • Except me falling asleep.
  • With that beanie, earbud combination,
  • I'm hoping he gets hit by a golf cart.
  • That's my answer. - That's your guess?
  • - B.
  • - Let's watch.
  • - [Link] Oh, gosh!
  • What on-- - Are you okay?
  • - I take it back, I'm sorry.
  • - You okay?
  • - I didn't know it was gonna be,
  • I didn't know he was gonna look,
  • usually when you say you get run over,
  • it's just like you get clipped or something.
  • The dude got literally run over.
  • - And it pulled his right pant leg up
  • to reveal his very long sock. - But his beanie stayed on.
  • - Yeah it did.
  • And really there's-- - You okay?
  • - There's nothing to worry about here
  • because Tiger has proven you can come back to golf
  • after serious spinal injuries.
  • So this guy's got a great future ahead of him.
  • - You can come back after anything.
  • - All right Link, one for one, here's the next one.
  • - [Link] Okay, she's just a-walkin'.
  • - Okay. - Anything could happen.
  • - What happens to this woman walking through this
  • nondescript lobby of some sort?
  • A, a clown car pulls up and countless clowns jump out of it.
  • B, a confetti cannon goes off in her face. (laughs)
  • - Oh that's gonna be great.
  • - C, a giant human hand walks by,
  • or D, a rabbi, a priest, and a minister walk in after her.
  • (chuckles) It's the beginning of a classic joke.
  • Unexpected.
  • - It'd be great if it was D.
  • I think the most unexpected is a human hand.
  • I can't even imagine what that would look like.
  • So I'm hoping and voting for C.
  • - Let's watch.
  • - [Link] She's walking, oh, yes.
  • (Rhett chuckling playfully)
  • What? - I don't even know,
  • how's it work?
  • - That is great.
  • Are his legs perfectly matched
  • to the flesh color of the costume?
  • - Well you can see some tightage down there.
  • - That is an amazing costume.
  • - And I mean I really don't know if I would have
  • kept my cool like this woman with this hand walking by.
  • You really gotta hand it to her.
  • (chuckles dramatically)
  • - She's just kinda backtracked.
  • - Link--
  • - What would you do if you were in that situation,
  • honestly? - Give him the biggest
  • high five he's ever had.
  • - With what though, there's nothing, like the thumb?
  • - My whole flesh body.
  • - You'd high five the thumb?
  • - I'd have to get naked and press against him.
  • - We gotta get that.
  • - Link, you're on fire today.
  • Here's the next one.
  • - [Link] Okay Google Map's zooming in.
  • - That's a classic zoom video.
  • Dropped to street view.
  • This is all, this is all normal.
  • - Okay, didn't know you could do that.
  • - So--
  • - I didn't know you could drag that like that.
  • - You can. - That was unexpected to me.
  • That's how low my expectations are.
  • Whoa! - Yeah since 2011,
  • you've been able to do that.
  • - (chuckles) Okay.
  • - Okay, what happens next?
  • A, we zoom in and see A, a derpy cat on a ledge.
  • B, a masked burglar climbing out of a window.
  • C, a llama chasing a kid down the street,
  • or D, Morgan winking at the camera.
  • - Morgan Morgan?
  • - Morgan. - Morgan Morgan,
  • our director.
  • - Morgan, Morgan winks
  • at the camera. - Winkin' at the camera.
  • Regardless of the correct answer,
  • I do insist that Morgan come out
  • and wink at our camera afterward.
  • - It might be arranged.
  • - So get ready, Morgan.
  • - Morgan.
  • - I think this, a llama, that's just too outlandish.
  • I actually think this is, wow, a burglar.
  • A burglar.
  • - That's unexpected. - Burg-a-ler.
  • B. - Let's see.
  • (Rhett and Link laugh)
  • - Wow!
  • - Yeah that cat is making the face that you make
  • when you fart and sneeze at the same time.
  • - So all right Morgan, come on out.
  • - No Morgan's not comin' out because
  • this has already been arranged, Link.
  • Check it out, sucka.
  • I got Morgan to wink.
  • This was his 17th take. (laughs)
  • He tried both eyes, he went back and forth.
  • - It's just a picture though.
  • I wanna see, I wanna see, you want a video of that?
  • You want a unexpected video?
  • Come on Morg, come on, come on Morgan!
  • - Okay here comes Morgan.
  • He's gonna, Morgan's gonna wink for the camera.
  • (laughs)
  • - Hold on.
  • - He literally put an eye in there.
  • - Yeah, that was perfect. - You know what,
  • he did it on his own camera.
  • He did it on his own camera.
  • The edit--
  • - He knows where the cameras are.
  • He better. - The editors can make
  • their own decisions.
  • - I like that only one eye camera in
  • so you don't know if it was a wink
  • or just like a real hard blink.
  • - Okay Link, you missed that one and here's the next one.
  • - Okay this is a baby sheep, number 15 I believe.
  • - Yep, otherwise known as a lamb but you know what--
  • - Approaching the teat from a weird angle.
  • - I like the way you call it baby sheep
  • so I'm gonna go with that.
  • What happens next, A, mama sheep poops on baby sheep's head.
  • B, baby sheep eats mama sheep's poop.
  • C, baby sheep trips and falls face first into poop.
  • Or D, 18 sheep run in, all pooping, slip on their own poop
  • and land a Netflix original.
  • Doesn't take much these days. (chuckles)
  • - I don't want it to eat the poop.
  • But I think that's what's gonna happen.
  • B.
  • - Let's see what happens.
  • (Rhett laughs)
  • (Link laughs)
  • - Well he didn't eat it, Link.
  • - And why are there two baby sheeps with the 15?
  • At least give 'em each their own name.
  • - They're twins.
  • - It perched up there perfect.
  • - Yeah that's what you call a Cincinnati mohawk.
  • - Morgan, can you come out and can we re-enact that?
  • Rhett's gonna crap on your head.
  • - Sorry Cincinnati. (chuckles)
  • Let's see the next one.
  • - Oh there's a,
  • oh gosh, we got a bus traveling down an airport tarmac.
  • - Okay Link, what is about to happen?
  • A, the wind blows the roof off the bus.
  • - What? - B,
  • it drives by a group of airplane workers
  • doing a choreographed dance.
  • C, there's a giant snake on the road, or D,
  • all the flights leave on time
  • and everyone has enough leg room.
  • - Impossible! - Unexpected much?
  • - The scaling of this video was interesting
  • because I was like, that's a toy bus.
  • - Right. - 'Cause of how big
  • the airplane was.
  • I actually think that this is the perfect scenario
  • for a flash mob choreographed dance.
  • (claps) B.
  • I'm guessing B for all these I think.
  • - Let's see the reveal.
  • - [Link] There's the toy bus.
  • And what?
  • (Rhett laughs)
  • Oh, oh! (laughs)
  • - You're right, it was a toy bus.
  • You should have gone with your instincts, man.
  • - Wow.
  • I was really convinced that that was real.
  • That's what you get for watching
  • so much Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
  • - It plays tricks on, it's a very good model,
  • and incidentally if you're wondering about the Venn diagram
  • between people who own very intricate airplane models
  • to people who own giant snakes, it's just a circle.
  • (Link chuckles)
  • - Right, right, right.
  • - It's all the same people, let's not do that anymore.
  • - Right.
  • - Here's the next one.
  • (woman speaking in foreign language)
  • - I don't know what they were saying,
  • but he was disturbing the water to make sure
  • nothing was gonna come out of it I think
  • before he waded in it.
  • - Okay so what happens next?
  • A sinkhole opens and the guy narrowly escapes
  • getting sucked in.
  • B, a guy snorkeling pops out of the water.
  • C, dozens of big fish suddenly start leaping
  • out of the water, or D, the rapture occurs
  • and he doesn't make the cut.
  • (Link chuckles)
  • Left behind!
  • 17.
  • - I don't think dozens of fish would jump up
  • if they didn't jump up when he did all the rustling.
  • Is this in miniature as well?
  • - Yes, this is a model.
  • That man is an inch tall.
  • - I wanna see the sinkhole because that would be amazing
  • but I don't want it to happen to that guy.
  • But I know it's a video so if it happened to him,
  • it already happened, it's not my fault.
  • David was like mm-hmm.
  • (chuckles)
  • - That is true. - Mm-mm, you're right.
  • - That's how time works.
  • - You understand video and time.
  • (Rhett laughs)
  • Thank you, David.
  • I need that moral support.
  • I need to know that I'm right
  • about some obvious things sometimes.
  • - [Rhett] You gotta make a choice.
  • - Mm-hmm, I'm gonna guess snorkeler.
  • B, again.
  • - All right let's watch.
  • (woman speaking in foreign language)
  • (woman yelling in foreign language)
  • - Ha-loo-lah!
  • That's exactly what I was thinking.
  • - I have absolutely no explanation.
  • I don't know what this is.
  • I don't know where it is.
  • I don't know if we're only seeing like a small part
  • of a big pond or if those are just a bunch
  • of big fish in a small pond.
  • - David, do you have an explanation?
  • (Rhett laughs)
  • He's like mm-hmm, but I'm not gonna tell ya.
  • - All I know is that you were wrong, Link!
  • - That's nutso, man.
  • - So Link, you still, how many does he have right total?
  • Oh dude, you got two out of six, man.
  • You know what, if you get this last one right,
  • I'm still, I'll make the unexpected video
  • but you gotta get this last one right.
  • - [Link] Okay, okay.
  • - Let's watch. (woman squeals)
  • (Link squeals) (Rhett laughs)
  • Not much to go on here.
  • - All right so we got girls in bathing suits.
  • There's a couple of cameras in play here.
  • - And just so you know, they are on an elevator
  • and they're filming the mirror on that side
  • of the elevator so you see they're inside an elevator.
  • - Gotcha. - What happens next?
  • The elevator doors open on a really fancy cocktail party.
  • B, Bill Nye walks into the elevator.
  • C, one of them noticed a spider on the wall
  • and they all shriek or D,
  • Lori Loughlin pays for them all to get into college!
  • - She is-- - Woo, spring break!
  • - She is so selfless.
  • I hope Bill Nye walks in.
  • That would be amazingly unexpected.
  • - Yeah it would, right, it would.
  • - I've never been in an elevator and Bill Nye walk in.
  • - Never happened to me either.
  • - And I've never expected it.
  • - Oh.
  • Is that your answer?
  • - That's my answer, B.
  • - Let's see.
  • (women playfully yelling)
  • (gasping)
  • - No-- - Oh my God.
  • - Oh my gosh. - I know!
  • - [Woman] Wow.
  • (Rhett laughs)
  • - Wow. - That was friggin' Bill Nye.
  • - It is, and the real twist is that those girls
  • know who Bill Nye is.
  • Congratulations, Link!
  • - He's lovin' every minute of it.
  • So am I. - You didn't get four,
  • you got three.
  • I told you that I will make an unexpected video
  • on our Instagram if you did and so I will.
  • - All right thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing.
  • - You know what time it is-- (yells)
  • - Hi I'm Stefano from Burbank, California
  • and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.
  • (Rhett laughs)
  • - What?
  • - Morgan's everywhere.
  • - We got another wink.
  • - Morgan's winking everywhere.
  • - It's a day full of Morgan Morgan winks.
  • - Click the top link to watch us review some unexpected
  • Tinder pick-up lines in Good Mythical More.
  • - And to find out where the
  • Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land.
  • - [Rhett] Looking for logo tees that come in threes?
  • Look no further than these, Mythical and GMM logo tees
  • available now at Mythical.store.

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