Mormon Marriage

Nov 29, 2017


Mormon Marriage
Mormon Marriage thumb Mormon Marriage thumb Mormon Marriage thumb

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Ian's wife, Sienna, came to talk about Mormon marriages and what it means to be get married in a Mormon temple.

Ian and Sienna first talk about their marriage in the temple, being sealed for time and all eternity, making a covenant with God. A covenant, they explain, is a promise. The promise made in the temple is between God and the spouses. They talk about LDS temple sealings and how it's possible for us to be with our families throughout the eternities, even after death.

This is one of the most beautiful, wonderful teachings in Mormonism and we're very excited to share with each of you.

We hope you all enjoy! We encourage those of you who are wondering what the inside of a temple looks like to visit an open house of a temple. Every time a temple is built, the church holds an open house for those we are wanting to see the outside, inside, and everything else. As always, if you have any questions please hit us up in the comment section where we typically do our best to reply!


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