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Could the development of Melbourne's beloved suburb Cremorne take inspiration from Tokyo? Monash Architecture lecturers – and local residents – Maud Cassaignau and Markus Jung believe so. [ Mona.sh Link ]


Cremorne at a crossroads

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Monash students who have been adversely affected by COVID-19 will have access to up to $7500. To ensure we are providing immediate support there are two stages of the support package – a $500 emergency payment available early next week, and a second payment of up to $7000 after April 14.

Further information on eligibility and access will be available next week and shared widely.
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More people are now working and studying from home. To ease the transition and give you confidence in your online learning, Monash University Library offers five tips to get you started. #MonashFromHome [ Mona.sh Link ]

5 tips for effective online study – Monash University Library Blog

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'Normal life has been disrupted: Managing the disruption caused by COVID-19' - a great online guide developed by Monash Medicine PhD student, Lorrae Mynard.

Download the full guide for free [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Learn Parisian French on Skype with Llyane Stanfield
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The skillsets future employers are looking for are the skillsets you're building right now, says Business Dean Simon Wilkie.

#MonashBusiness #MonashFromHome

You're looking at the future of employment

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Missing your workout? ‍♀ Monash Sport will be providing a variety of exercise, health and wellbeing tips, LIVE classes every weekday, demonstrations and motivations to support active lifestyles at home. Your next class starts today at 1pm: monash.edu/sport/active-bodies-online #FitFromHome #MonashFromHome

Active Bodies Online

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Monash University posted on Mar 31, 2020

Photos from Monash University Peninsula Campus's post

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When Professor Priscilla Kincaid-Smith migrated to Australia in the 1950s, she was shocked to find she was an unemployable married woman, despite working previously as a young doctor in South Africa. Unfortunately, female graduates continue to face similar issues today, in both movement on the career ladder and in terms of pay. #EqualPayDay #MonashLens

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The damning figures on women in medical leadership

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Kids will ask the curliest questions about #COVID19, and adults need to make sure the lines of communication stay open for reassurance, writes Monash Education Dr Chris Grove. #MonashLens

Talking COVID with kids

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Monash Arts' Dr John Bradley has been working with artists to make posters about #COVIDー19 in as many Indigenous languages as possible. Here is the Yanyuwa one. The top line says we are all in this together, and the bottom line says do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose.
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