Medical student and public speaker. Outreach Director at Pious Projects. Raised in the city of angels and heroes; Gaza. Youtube, SC and Twitter: @mzeyara

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Burning mosques, beating women and children with machetes, torturing and humiliating men, and more disturbing events happening to Indian-Muslims in India. Not only did the government and police barely show up, many of the Muslims who were injured, were SHOT BY THE POLICE. Have these people lost their minds? How much hate can you carry just because someone else prefers a different opinion? The...
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Habeeb Alli posted on Feb 23, 2020
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May Allah reward you with the best
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al salam alaikum,Thank you with all my heart to Mr. Mohammed who carries in his heart love, the humanity and help others.
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Please keep on doing the great work you do for man kind we need more people like you in the world.
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All the time God save us
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The Pious team is on-ground in Pakistan hosting their fourth vision camp for a couple more days. Surgeries performed for just $100. Visit the campaign for more details.


Eye Surgery $100 - Live in Pakistan

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"Assalamu Alykum" May Allah Always With You
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Gaza my love and my heart. So heartbreaking to see young men being murdered by this terrorist Israeli mafia. One day the world will see. And one day they will stand in front of Allah. And I can't wait to see that day.

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