MMD APH - Hibikase [Devil!Hetalia]

Mar 14, 2017


MMD APH - Hibikase [Devil!Hetalia]
MMD APH - Hibikase [Devil!Hetalia] thumb MMD APH - Hibikase [Devil!Hetalia] thumb MMD APH - Hibikase [Devil!Hetalia] thumb

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Thanks you so much Matthew Williams for giving me these devil models!! ;u; I love them and they look AMAZING!
I haven't really gotten into this whole sweet devil au thing very much, but i'll definitely look more into it and maybe make more mmds like this if you guys want ^^

song: Shoose - Hibikase / Resonate
motion: Ai
models: Zeze and Namime (edited by Matthew Williams)
stage: y_sd11B_AL
effects: Diffusion7, HgSSAO, SvSSAO, PowerDOF, G_Shader, AutoLuminous, ikOverray, ikLensghost, 4color, WhiteOut, Dust Effect, SoftSmoke, CheapLens, MotionBlur

(this motion was originally for 4 characters.. but i didnt know who else to add XD ahh well..)