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Isolation done right. Disclosure level up their signature Kitchen Mix with Self Isolation FM, broadcasting every Friday before landing on Mixcloud ⁠

Say no more.


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Now more than ever the creative community needs support. ⁠

We’ve decided to waive our Mixcloud SELECT revenue share for the next 3 months and redirect more money to those who need it the most. ⁠Read more on how you can benefit: mxcld.co/NewSystems
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Afshin Khodamoradi

A new playlist created by you. Tag us in your shows to be featured.


GOOD VIBES: MUSIC FOR ISOLATION by Audio Culture by Mixcloud

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Jevgeni Mihhailenko
In this new reality, our mission towards a future where creators can create sustainably feels even more urgent. ⁠

Read more on how Mixcloud SELECT can help you as an artist, DJ, radio station or any other form of creator right now: [ Mxcld.co Link ]


In this new reality, our mission towards a future where creators can create sustainably feels even more urgent. ⁠

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Majok French Ovoxo
Andrew Sprtlzd
Keeping sprits high

UKG legend DJ EZ is back with Nuvolve - a brand new radio show celebrating the past, present and future of garage and bass. ⁠

Currently tuned to episode 1 feat.BICEP, AJ Tracey, MJ COLE, Flava D & AC Slater EZ, we salute you: mxcld.co/3alWw42

DJ EZ - Brand new Nuvolve radio show.

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Mark Dowie
Donald Johnson
COVID-19 is a crisis for music and all of us who live, love and work with it.

We want to do something purposeful in the collective worldwide effort to help the creative community keep their heads above water.

Let’s keep talking: mxcld.co/NewSystems

NEW SYSTEMS: A response to COVID-19

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Valerie Cheers Brown
Ilja Bracke
Alejandro Andres Domino
Breaking new ground with Natty Wylah 〰

Launching a new 'babbLe on' podcast - his #MixcloudSelect supporters get an exclusive insight into a different, more personal side to the north London rapper's craft: mxcld.co/NattyWylah
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Caroline Leeming
Gutting news. We're deeply saddened to hear of Jonty SkruFFF's passing.

As a British DJ, Sisyphos resident and former journalist he made his stamp on the music world like no other. RIP.

Berlin soul - Keep the Faith Show

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Tony Edwards
Breaking down the art of lyricism.⁠

"You almost turn off your inhibitions to what people are thinking about or where's it's going. You just have to be real with yourself and make people feel something" - Sophie Faith

Shout out Foundation FM for bringing The Nasty Poet and Friends to Mixcloud HQ for a live broadcast and night of lyricism live.

Mixcloud HQ - Foundation FM Takeover

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Eric J. Talbot
One for the heads

Mixcloud now supports lossless and lossy audio formats — your WAVs, FLACs, AIFFs, WMAs & MP2s can all be uploaded in their original high fidelity form: mixcloud.com
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Yuriy Sokolov
Brad James
Peter Van Cooten
Boo Belisario