Mind Blowing SEAFOOD in Fukuoka Japan

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Mind Blowing SEAFOOD in Fukuoka Japan
Mind Blowing SEAFOOD in Fukuoka Japan thumb Mind Blowing SEAFOOD in Fukuoka Japan thumb Mind Blowing SEAFOOD in Fukuoka Japan thumb


  • Fukuoka my first full day here. This morning today was pretty
  • uneventful. I ate at McDonalds and I passed out. That's basically my entire day. Tonight
  • I wanted to go try Street food in Fukuoka, but I heard it's really touristy is overpriced. It's not that good.
  • So I'm looking for a seafood restaurant here that is supposed to be just
  • spectacular and hopefully, I'm hoping I can actually get a seat because like I said, it's Friday night
  • And I don't have a reservation. This this is the whole restaurant the entire building. It's just a massive seafood restaurant freaking is
  • Absolutely gorgeous by the way
  • Bonsai trees on the outside. Look at this place. This is more like a hotel in a restaurant
  • Wow, right away
  • Yeah, this is a seafood restaurant
  • I've never seen a squid tank in my life. Oh, man
  • This place is awesome is literally the coolest restaurant setup for seafood restaurant
  • In the middle and you sit all around the different fish tanks, all the servers are wearing kimonos
  • It seemed like a really traditional seafood place. I am so excited about dinner tonight
  • I mean this is gonna be like the opposite of how I felt about McDonald's this morning. All right, so
  • obviously
  • the most
  • Popular ones that are seasonal dishes here. They tell me that looks great
  • I mean if you love sashimi, there's all looks absolutely fantastic. And this is a
  • Really really fresh, but for me they do have a ton of grilled fish
  • Which I think is what I'm gonna go for grilled fish and marinated fish got bunch of fried dishes here tempura
  • Got some soups. All right. So most people here they're getting sashimi and these tanks they're not just for display
  • They are literally getting the fish or squid out of these tanks and they're cooking it. So this is as fresh as you can get
  • My first dish has arrived
  • I
  • Gotta say this place the sashimi
  • looks
  • Amazing. I mean I don't eat raw stuff. But yeah, I'm almost tempted. I'm almost converted tonight
  • So my first course, I don't think I mean, I think I'm gonna have to use some raw stuff tonight just a little bit
  • It's a little piece of uni sitting on top. I looks like some sort of some sort of jelly. Never been a fan of uni
  • Don't know really actually that one was a little better than ones I had before I mean that tasted like the ocean but
  • Did you like a better part of the ocean and this I gotta try it and this is a Pollock fish roe
  • This is a Fukuoka specialty just like Kobe has its beef
  • Fukuoka has this Mentaiko fish roe and it's a fermented and salt just a little bit
  • This is supposed to be like I said, really really really popular here and again fish eggs. Not my favorite thing
  • Even I gotta admit
  • That's some good stuff
  • Wow
  • If I tell you that's good, you better believe it because I don't love raw stuff. I don't love fish eggs
  • I'm caught I'm falling for that a little bit. It's spicy and when you put it in your mouth it
  • Doesn't taste like fish eggs like at all from zero fishiness. There's actually it tastes like dozens of little crispy crystals
  • It's not slimy. This thing is pretty darn amazing. This is so good. I'm gonna add it on my little
  • little roll here
  • So you can eat this fish roe on top of whatever on rice whatever you want
  • Actually, I can't really stop eating it
  • It's pretty amazing for me. I think this is like a block of
  • Fish eggs or some sort it's kind of heavy looking. It's kind of heavy. It's a little bouncy
  • That tastes like miniature secret that was literally the crispiest fish eggs I've ever had in my life
  • That's I mean, it's it's so crunchy. It's like it's like a fish egg chip almost
  • Fantastic fantastic first plate. I gotta say pretty darn delicious next course. Oh look at that
  • This looks like a a steamed rockfish
  • Wow, oh man, this is a prettiest soup I've ever seen in my life
  • Look at his most adorable little piece of greens ever
  • And this looks like a fish cake Wow, prettier fish cake, by the way when you drink soup in Japan
  • You don't really use a spoon. Oh
  • This is a nice nice bowl of seafood soup
  • Is that you can taste all the best things about an ocean, you know
  • That just might be the most tender piece of fish cake I've ever had actually there weren't any left
  • Tell me exactly what fish this is. But look how amazing and tender this is
  • Have you guys seen this
  • Oh
  • Man
  • Look how easily the skin is removed on own. This might be the easiest I ever
  • Seen a fish skin come off of any fish that ever eaten
  • Yes, oh I know you're seeing this we can all effortlessly the chops is going into this fish that's all that juice is coming up
  • All right, let's take it oh man look at this, you know, this is gonna be a good buy, right
  • The seafood here not only is it so fresh
  • Everything just tastes ridiculously clean. I've ate so many pieces of seafood so far
  • Haven't tasted a fishy flavor in any one of them and I am in love with this piece of fish right here
  • Actually in love might be an understatement. This thing might be the love of my life right now
  • I'm gonna find out for you guys what this is
  • Do you
  • Need to get this if you come here. Holy smokes
  • Let's dip this in the little sauce a little bit here
  • Yeah, there we go
  • Wow the sauce is soy sauce base a little sweet it literally cuddles the fish compliments in every single way possible
  • yeah, highlights the sweetness that the gentleness of the fish and just providing it just a tiny bit of umami flavoring guys this
  • is a masterpiece
  • This is seriously one of the greatest fish dishes
  • I've ever had. This fish they tell me is a tai or a wild sea bream. Guys, don't forget
  • It's a sea bream. Get this dish when you come. You will thank me
  • This might be the one of the best fish dishes you want to ever enjoy
  • You need to trust me on this and I say I got I got this
  • This is the fried Mentaiko. Again. Like I said the specialty of Fukuoka but cooked
  • Like a billion little edible
  • Marbles just warming my mouth around you can we I'm saying this but I think the raw version is better
  • I mean this version is really salty and texture wise it's not actually that's good as as chewy as the as the raw version
  • So I will actually recommend that when you come here
  • Next up. I have no idea what this looks like. I can just kind of sum this thing
  • Yummy the fish is really flaky and look at this. It's kind of only sliced in between here
  • Honestly, I mean it's good but nothing compared to that sea bream, you know
  • I think that sea bream might have just ruined my fish dinner tonight. My grill mackerel is here. Look at this, baby
  • Oh, that is a beauty. Little lemon goes on top and to eat it
  • She told me to take the radish and mix it with my soy sauce. Oh
  • Yeah
  • Oh, yes baby, oh you guys need a bet on this course
  • All right that
  • There's an amazing piece of grill fish
  • I love
  • this restaurant for his ability to take the fishiness out of
  • every single thing here and all that's not just a beautiful clean flavor of the fish just like is meant to be going into your
  • mouth
  • Up to absolute perfection
  • The meat is so amazingly bouncy if you like mackerel and you should because it's the magnificent fish if you want to eat this freshest
  • Cleanest the most beautiful piece of grilled mackerel. You may have ever had you stop right here. You come right here
  • This is another fish. Look, this is fried and they told me this is Kochi, Japanese flathead fish. Oh
  • Oh
  • I'm just having a great fish day today try to abso-freakin'-lutely
  • fection perfectly crispy on the outside
  • So tender and beautiful on the inside man
  • Is it amazing dinner fried did the other two fish as well complete the fish trifecta here?
  • Then you're gonna be as happy as I look right now. Oh
  • By the way my miso soup arrived in Japan you don't use a spoon to eat your soup take your chopstick
  • Swish it around mix it up a little bit. Oh
  • Oh
  • Miso love this
  • Wow that's got some intense miso flavor. Oh
  • And it's great I just think it's perfect right now
  • Piece of eel here
  • Mmm that's a great piece of eel. Seasoning and their use of wasabi. Perfect
  • So in love with this place right now, so it's like a little cold salad. They brought this out
  • This is like course 10 already is
  • Abalone with what looks like this is some kind of maybe miso sauce on top
  • The abalone, that's a great piece of abalone
  • Usually I find abalone the way people cook it is a little rough
  • a little chewy, but this abalone is so soft it probably cries during diaper commercials
  • Alright, I think I'm down to my last dish my last course dessert
  • It looks like a spork and a cross between the bat signal and the Star Wars rebels symbol, right?
  • Juicy melon
  • probably not gonna be as good as the
  • 150 dollar melon I had before
  • Hmm. Wow, I feel like all melons in Japan
  • Might literally just like grow in some crazy
  • Flavor infusing
  • Sanctuary like a melt-uary seriously like all the melons of Japan are just by far so much juicier
  • Sweeter more delicious than any other melon I've had anywhere else in the world, it's not even close
  • Strawberry season
  • Strawberries are insane
  • Its melon strawberry, actually a fantastic dessert in this with green tea. Oh, oh
  • Oh
  • mylanta oh
  • I'm just letting that I just letting the spoon go and look at this
  • it's it's
  • Just sinking into this beautifully tender mochi matcha mousse looking thing. Oh, I
  • Wouldn't be surprised they made it in-house, but if they if they bought it from somewhere
  • I need to find out where that store is and get like 2,000 of those. I mean, it's just the most delicious
  • matcha encasing the
  • gentlest
  • Mochi shell I think this side of the world
  • Basically every single dish I ate here was just mind-blowing. They really elevate a seafood bite
  • oh so much and I hundred percent recommend if you are ever in
  • Fukuoka one seafood restaurant to go eat at this is the place and it's crazy because this place is loaded with fish tanks
  • But you don't smell anything. It's such a clean beautiful atmosphere. The servers are so attentive and nice
  • They don't speak like much English at all, but they're actually really really helpful to try to communicate with you
  • And yes, it's a little pricey, but come on, isn't all
  • seafood restaurants little pricey? But really, ridiculous quality. Some of the freshest most tasty seafood
  • you'll probably find in the city. Of course guys, all the information for this place is in my description box below
  • Thank you so much for watching. Until we eat again. See you later

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First night in Fukuoka, and I am starving. I went to a seafood restaurant where they have the fish takes right in front of you, and serve your food freshly caught.


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