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This song is about releasing fear, stepping into connection and freedom. Watch the music video here: [ Youtu.be Link ]


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Dana Granger
“I felt all my fear fade”

EVERYTHING out now. Music video tomorrow.

[ Tompkins.lnk.to Link ]
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Nolwenn BlancdelaCombe
I wrote this song 6 months ago and can’t believe how timely it is.

“EVERYTHING” dropping tomorrow. [ Tompkins.lnk.to Link ]

I hope the words encourage you. Let’s try and not let fear win. Love you all.

"EVERYTHING" drops tomorrow

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Sharing some of the story behind the new music. Next song coming 03.17.2020 PreSave: [ Linktr.ee Link ]

The Journey.

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Callum MacNee
Last week was crazy - alongside welcoming our newest son tornados hit Tennessee including the neighborhood we used to live in.

I’m feeling so much gratitude for the safe arrival of our boy Wilder and for the safety of my family. It’s beautiful to see how people have come together to serve one another.

I have a NEW SONG coming next week that is timely for everything that has been going on...
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Feeling so thankful my family and friends are safe. It’s bad here in Nashville. Some of our favorite businesses have been destroyed and many families displaced.

If you want to help choose “Nashville Tornado Relief” [ Ministryforms.net Link ] Zeal Church

Nashville Tornado

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Bernadette Mercer
Well, as we were dropping a song, a little more of Heaven came to us. We are so incredibly grateful for the safe arrival of Wilder James last Thursday - and there aren’t enough words to describe this feeling.

You’re so wonderful Wilder. My hope is that you will be compassionate to ALL people and that you will live a beautiful, courageous life.

To your warrior mother Kayla - you fought to...
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Nolwenn BlancdelaCombe
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Wendy Mackay Sibley
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Gina Simmonds
HEAVEN IS HERE music video out now! [ Youtu.be Link ]
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