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The quality of the air we breathe in our homes can have an effect on the way we feel day-to-day. This is something I've been thinking and talking about quite a bit lately. I think it's something we all need to take into account. National Post

Mike Holmes: Let’s clear the air outside and in

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How to: take steps to improve your indoor air quality. This stuff matters, folks. Here are my tips.

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality - Make It Right®

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The #HolmesTeam is back on DIY Network tomorrow morning with a #HolmesAndHolmes marathon. Check your listings! #stayhome
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The #HolmesTeam is back on CTV Life Channel starting next week. #Holmes911 starts reairing on April 2nd at 9pm! If you missed it the first time, here's your chance.

And yes - this is an old photo. #StayHome
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Here are five DIY projects you can take on while we're all at home. You can order supplies online and tackle these jobs solo. #StayAtHome

5 Repair Projects You Can Do On Your Own (DIY) - Make It Right®

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I know for those of us who are stuck at home, you may be going a little stir-crazy - but it’s necessary.

Maybe this will help: there’s a Holmes marathon tonight on the DIY Network featuring some of our favourite #HolmesAndHolmes and #HolmesNextGen episodes. Hope this brings a smile to your face, folks! #stayhome
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Before ➡ After

The River House was a passion project for me - and I was so excited to see the finished project. Mike Holmes Jr. and Crystal REALLY surprised me with that reveal. Charette Custom Homes Inc.

Photos from Mike Holmes's post

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When good builders come together, we can make the entire industry better. A big welcome to Omega Homes - thanks for joining our Holmes Approved Homes program! #HolmesApproved

Omega Homes Video

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Getting lots of messages from people taking on "boredom" projects. Also see a lot of people who are spending time at home taking an interest in the systems in their home. I like that. I don't like some of the discoveries though..
Photo sent by a follower with this question "Since when do you put a power strip under sink to plug in your garbage disposal and run the cord behind the dishwasher?"
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Construction delays can be unpredictable - when you start opening up walls, you never know WHAT you’re going to find! For one of our jobs, the homeowners were out of the house for an extra MONTH because of delays with permits when we stepped in.

Of course, we didn’t just make it right, we wanted to make sure we gave a little bit of love to their landscaping to up the curb appeal.

What do...

Mike Holmes님이 게시한 사진

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