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MR2 is gonna get CHOPPED! #VAGpower

Ảnh trên dòng thời gian

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New EP of MR2 out now!

Timeline Photos

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“How did you and Marty meet?” - this is the most common question we get. So grab some pop corn and strap in for a ride down musical memory lane...

Blair Joscelyne (Moog)

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Mighty Car Mods
Sonny Edwards
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MR2 Episodes coming at you thick and fast! As always we shoot with a tiny team (usually just 2 of us, sometimes 3) and do the music, editing, post production and everything else ourselves. We hope you're all looking after yourselves and enjoy this 20 mins or so of pure nuggetry.

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The MR2 gets a shiny new turbo

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Mighty Car Mods posted on Mar 28, 2020
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Such a good tip!

From the boot to the bay, the trunk to the trans, the luggage department to the engine compartment!

#mr2 #mightycarmods #diy

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The MR2 continues to reveal its nasty surprises.

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This MR2 is full of (nasty) surprises

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New EP out now - baaaaaah!
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Moog’s moon buggy is definitely* going to do a big skid...

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Marty’s MR2 is looking good
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