Michael Jackson interacting with Co - Musicians in This is it 2009

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Michael Jackson interacting with Co - Musicians in This is it 2009
Michael Jackson interacting with Co - Musicians in This is it 2009 thumb Michael Jackson interacting with Co - Musicians in This is it 2009 thumb Michael Jackson interacting with Co - Musicians in This is it 2009 thumb


  • you know that I want that more, right? It's funkier
  • I'm not feeling that part enough
  • *imitates Bass Guitar*
  • Music Director: (MD): As in running next door...
  • It's not there, it should be, I know, it's all for love.
  • MD: It's coming there. MJ: We'll get there
  • Ok, no second verse. Sorry, ok, sorry
  • That was a mistake, there is no second verse sorry about that you guys
  • ooh been right to the bridge. Okay, let's do it one more time.
  • Offscreen: Want to go down and back up? MJ: Yeah
  • MJ: That's why we have rehearsal. Offscreen: There you go
  • *Cues to stop*
  • When they stop, hit your highest note. *imitates electric guitar*
  • It's time for you to shine... hit it high, high, long one
  • It's your time to shine... and we'll be right there with you.
  • Just remarkable. There's some genius stuff going on here man.
  • He is the king, and he's a good guy too, he's real humble and he knows his music
  • What more can you ask for?
  • KO: I just want to thank everybody for their extraordinary work
  • And I'm just going to give this to Michael now
  • Yeah, everybody's doing a great job
  • And just continue and believe, and have faith
  • And give me your all, your endurance, your patience, your understanding
  • It's an adventure, it's a great adventure
  • It's nothing to be nervous about. They just want wonderful experiences. They want escapism.
  • You want to take them places that they've never been before.
  • You want to show them talent like they've never seen before.
  • So give your all, we're a family, just know that. We're a family
  • Dancers: YEAH! That's right!
  • We've got to bring love back into the world
  • to remind the world that love in important.
  • love is important, to love each other. We're all one.
  • That's the message and to take care of the planet. We've four years to get it right or else
  • it's irreversible damage, we've done. We have an important message to give, okay?
  • I thank you for your cooperation so far. Thank you. A big thank you.
  • Blessings, blessings, to art
  • Ortega: Michael Jackson!
  • On three!
  • I gotta cue that I gotta cue that, that shouldn't trigger on its own.
  • That can't trigger on its own
  • I gotta cue that so you got to watch me for that growl, okay?
  • Singing: Come on, give it to me
  • One, more time. That's why we rehearse. It's ok, it's ok
  • Right here, on this one
  • It's ok, it's ok, no
  • It was a little too soon
  • Ortega: I agree Michael
  • I think, I think, Let's add them back
  • You have to feel, totally nourished by it, yeah?
  • Ortega: MJ, we'll also have a fan
  • right there in the centre
  • Hold on, I'm trying to hear you, say it again?
  • they'll be up fan right there off the stage for you. Boom, right there.
  • You guys I gotta tell you this. When I'm trying to hear it's like it feels like
  • somebody's fist is pushed into my ear it's really very difficult I know you
  • mean well, so but I'm trying to adjust to the
  • ear the inner ears okay? (context: he's talking about in-ear monitors) With the love with the love, L.O.V.E
  • It's not easy though Ortega: Michael one more time I couldn't hear.
  • you sir. MJ: the inner ears are very difficult for me when you're raised to
  • use just your real own you know oral auditory ears so now it feels like
  • somebody's fist is is shoved into your ear okay?
  • I'm trying to hear and I can't. So I'm adjusting to the situation
  • Ortega: Michael is there anything they can give you now in your ears to make it better
  • in terms of the volume or mix? MJ: Just if we can bring it down a little.
  • Ortega: Anything else Michael? you want to hear
  • more of anything you want to hear more voice you want to hear more? MJ: No
  • Ortega: Ok Michael after the next song if it hasn't adjusted to your liking will you please
  • let us know? MJ: Sure . Ortega: Thank youm would you like to pick it
  • up from? MJ: Stop the love you save. Ortega: Stop the love you save
  • You let it rumble. Let it stay open . Let it close in silence that. When that door
  • opens, you start that piano. Taa da da da daaa
  • God bless you
  • Now, don't make me, don't make me sing out, when I shouldn't be singing out.
  • I'm warming I'm trying to warm up my voice for this moment. Why do you do this to me?
  • I shouldn't be singing right now, no
  • Band Member: You better sing!
  • MJ: no no no no no no no no
  • I'm warming up to the moment
  • I'm sure yeah but you felt it you can but you can allow yourself that one time
  • I can't do that you're fine I gotta save my life
  • now is this working this evening without running the number I would just like it
  • if Michael would liked her just to give him a little ride so that he feels his
  • new cherry picker out the top of beating you want to do it with music already
  • what can I just give you a ride first sure okay you want
  • yeah just for safety thank you sir thank you am I going here devil MJ I trust in
  • you thank you just for safety thank you
  • you've been there before
  • MJ this is just a tame mid wit a mid height it goes much higher than this
  • this is the low height are the fans working on this pilgrim Michael please
  • hold on thank you it's very nice yeah is it smooth yeah great this is monumental
  • Michael's back on the cherry picker yeah
  • it's really cool for me as a musical director because I need the artist to be
  • hands-on and MJ is always hands-on with everything that he does he knows all of
  • his records he knows all of his tempos he knows all of his keys of songs that's
  • what we need to do I know that's why we do what we need you to do the soundcheck
  • cause can't nobody hear what you need to hear some people might not want to have
  • that bass way I wrote it I mean like the audience hears it
  • wait so wherever the records doing this
  • get closer to what you did you know but you know what I mean yeah one more time
  • from the top
  • not letting it simmer just bathe in the moonlight you have to let it simmer hi
  • friends we got add to bars out there
  • well I needs to borrow yeah in jail take you some time see what we got simmer why
  • make that change

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