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After years of delays, Israel's medical cannabis industry may finally be allowed to export their products to other countries

Israel Is Finally Allowed to Export Medical Cannabis Overseas

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On the latest episode of GGN, Snoop Dogg sits down with the infamous Master P to discuss squashing old beefs and finding new avenues to grind

Master P Talks Hustling and Entrepreneurship with Snoop Dogg on a New GGN

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MERRY JANE posted on Dec 10, 2019

More Dogs Are Being Named After Weed Strains Than Ever Before

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A new study offers more evidence that weed doesn’t damage our brains, nor does it permanently reduce our cognitive abilities ⚡⚡

Weed Doesn't Make Us Stupid, Yet Another Study Confirms

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And this is after just one week of legal sales...

Michigan Pot Shops Are Already Running Out of Recreational Weed

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Health officials also said counterfeit TKO and Smart Carts were associated with the widespread lung illness ☠

CDC Says Dank Vapes Were Used by Over 50% of Vape Illness Patients

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The US could be making billions from collecting business tax revenues, sales tax revenues, and payroll taxes, instead of spending billions enforcing prohibition laws

Federal Legalization Could Create $129 Billion in Taxes and 1.6 Million Jobs

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MERRY JANE posted on Dec 10, 2019

Timeline Photos

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