Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 11 | 26th October 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

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Oct 26, 2019


Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 11 | 26th October 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]
Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 11 | 26th October 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng] thumb Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 11 | 26th October 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng] thumb Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 11 | 26th October 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng] thumb


  • I am not understanding this, When I am with you, I don't feel like going home but once I am home I feel losing hope
  • he will not allow me to go office, he stands still on his decision.
  • then?
  • then what ?
  • you have to decide now
  • what decision?
  • with whom you will live, with me or with him?
  • say it, or I cut the call, you may sit & think
  • no no don't cut the call
  • tell me, how much do you trust me?
  • You shall not ask this question at present
  • then why are you losing hope?
  • then throw this marriage band on his face, which is in your neck
  • what do you mean?
  • ask for divorce
  • divorce ?
  • any problem?
  • he will not divorce me Shehwar
  • leave this on me
  • what about Roomi then?
  • what happened? A kid only wants what he likes, and whatever he likes he can get as per his choice
  • upon growing up, he will understand what divorce is
  • time has changed now Kids are more concern about what they get from their parents rather than their parents bonding
  • he is coming to return you Lakh rupees
  • hmm
  • he might misbehave
  • let him come, if he will misbehave with me, then the security guards will throw him out of the office
  • listen!
  • yes?
  • Shall I speak to him?
  • about what?
  • I will tell him to make a deal with me, take money and leave you
  • money for what?
  • you won't understand
  • money can take all pains
  • he must be in pain to leave you , which we will buy
  • fight will start Shehwar, then he will not think that your security guards will thrown him out of your office
  • you only tell me that if he will ask you that "do you want divorce ?" then you will have to reply "yes , I want divorce".
  • I told him last night, but he did not agree, he tried to convince me like a kid
  • then put down the phone , let him come to me lets check his worth, and see in how much he gets sold
  • Mr Danish , take this, it contains cheque of Rupees 80,000
  • don't say thank you now
  • I have to go somewhere, I will be late
  • its okay, no problem Stop!
  • are you OK?
  • yes
  • if you want, I can join you
  • no no
  • you seem worried
  • because I am getting late, that's why
  • okay, go!
  • yes
  • boss some Mr Danish is here
  • let him be seated and give him some tea send him when I will ask
  • okay sir
  • kindly sit here , sir is bit busy
  • okay, I will sit
  • Hello!
  • He is here
  • is he sitting in front of you?
  • no, I made him to be seated at reception for sometime, he will understand his worth while waiting
  • keep all your stuff in a bag
  • why ?
  • today he will divorce you
  • and I will take you to my home, myself. You deserve that home
  • Shehwar!
  • don't think about Roomi , he will not face any problem, I hope you trust me
  • yes I do trust
  • leave jewelry and money there, it will be useful for him,
  • I will leave that stuff, But I do not believe that he will divorce me so easily
  • but my heart does believe
  • I know that what I have to say, He will get angry after hearing that
  • by listening what ?
  • conversation or what else ?
  • these are "conversations" only that catch the hearts and in the same way the "conversations" may cause to finish the life
  • put down the phone, let me call him
  • Shehwar!
  • hmm
  • Be careful!
  • say good luck to me
  • good luck!
  • yes! send Mr Danish inside
  • please come. will you not take your bag along with you ?
  • are you Miss Mehwish's husband?
  • yes! please come
  • please come come Mr. Danish, what a pleasant surprise , sorry I was busy in an important meeting
  • tell me , what you will have , either tea or coffee?
  • nothing
  • I will not drink anything at your place
  • yes Mr Danish , why are you here ?
  • there are some favors which you have done on Mehwish, I came to return that whatever possible
  • for example?
  • for example these 5 lacs, this necklace , which you gave her but it caught my neck
  • I came to pull out that
  • I believe you are angry on her visit to Islamabad without your permission
  • I am angry on so many reasons
  • I am not in the position to become angry about her visit to Islamabad
  • Actually, we did love marriage , we have a son , Mr Shehwar.
  • we have some dreams
  • I am afraid, that those dreams will be ruined
  • that's why take back these things and give me a receipt
  • I will not look back at you while leaving
  • but she will see!
  • she will search for me
  • when one has been searching for someone , they are unable to see anyone on their way in between
  • the old love marriage , cute Roomi , and the dreams which can never be fulfilled
  • Now you are crossing the limits Mr Shehwar What I want is all to be ended with "thank you , its okay and bye bye"
  • I want the same, you will divorce Mehwish, I will say " thank you", you may say "its okay" then will say "bye bye" and will go
  • that's the sprite , otherwise she was afraid that you may become angry after hearing any such thing
  • who?
  • Mehwish , who else?
  • receive all this and give me receipt , I will be needing that
  • my conversation is still in between
  • I knew that you will come to return me the money and necklace ,
  • but I did not know that you will still keep Mehwish with you. Also give her to me
  • there is no use to keep that wife with you, who is actually not yours
  • don't feel pain for her
  • I have a compliment for you
  • yes please
  • you are the most cheapest person in this world
  • who is proud and impressed with money
  • and you ?
  • A person who is just with a woman due to "Nikkah"(marriage) only, else she does not wish to live with you
  • she did a mistake , she went to Islamabad with you without permission she is so embarrassed over that
  • really! Does she feels embarrassment like this? See.
  • when you will see her getup , you will come to know
  • drink water
  • she did a mistake
  • if a girl finds the buyer like you, she becomes happy to know her price and does mistake
  • and it is realized later that once a girl is sold she becomes cheap in price.
  • I can offer you 50 million
  • for what ?
  • to give divorce to Mehwish
  • divorce ?
  • don't feel restless
  • you must be thinking to throw the glass of water at my face or to finish your thrust with my blood
  • but that's not wise
  • why are you destroying yourself for a girl? who is not ready to be faithful with you
  • she has forgotten that you both did a love marriage , or you both have a kid, and some dreams which you have stored
  • you might have stored, but to fulfill those dreams she has jumped from your plane
  • sometime before I showed you something
  • now listen to this, our conversation on the phone
  • "He is Here"
  • Is he sitting in front of you ?
  • No!
  • I made him sit outside at the reception, he will understand his worth once he will wait
  • put your stuff in a bag
  • why ?
  • he will divorce you today , and I will take you to my home, myself you deserve that house
  • Shehwar but ...
  • do not think about Roomi,
  • I will not let him face any problem, I hope you trust me
  • yes I do trust
  • leave money and jewelry there , that will be useful for him
  • I will leave , but my heart is not believing that he will leave me so easily
  • but I do believe and I know what I will have to say
  • he will be so angry after hearing that
  • by hearing what ?
  • conversations
  • these are the "conversations" only that catch the hearts and in the same way the "conversations" may cause to finish the life
  • Put down the phone, I am calling him
  • be careful!
  • say good luck to me
  • good luck!
  • put your stuff in a bag
  • why ?
  • he will divorce you today , and I will take you to my home, myself you deserve that house
  • why are you destroying yourself for a girl? who is not ready to be faithful with you
  • she has forgotten that you both did a love marriage , or you both have a kid, and some dreams which you have stored
  • you might have stored , but she has jumped from your plane to fulfill those dreams
  • But my heart does not believe that he will divorce me so easily ,
  • say good luck to me
  • good luck!
  • okay Monti! now you may go
  • are you sure? you will not fall?
  • No No, I am perfectly fine now
  • medicines and your bag
  • thank you!
  • what happened papa ?
  • has mama gone ?
  • no she is sitting in her room
  • tell me papa what happened?
  • nothing has happened son
  • tell me how did you get this wound?
  • the bike was struck and I fell down
  • don't you know how to ride a bike?
  • mama see, papa got wound
  • wound is small , but bandage is big
  • did you go to the doctor ?
  • I am coming from there, got injection and he also gave me this medicine to apply
  • will you make a cup of tea?
  • yes
  • did you hit by a car?
  • yes
  • blood is also shed ?
  • yes a little bit
  • I will be fine till morning
  • one minute
  • * phone ringing*
  • yes Mr Mateen
  • you did not come
  • what I may tell you Mr Mateen, I met an accident I got wound on head , just came home after dressing
  • sorry!
  • no no its okay, take care of yourself
  • yes!
  • you seem worried today, I was feared when you left also you ride bike so fast
  • yes sometime , but now I will not
  • take good care of yourself
  • listen!
  • yes
  • I will return your 80000 rupees tomorrow
  • why? how so early ? you said it will take few months
  • it did not happen like that ,the matter of months ,ended in few seconds, I took my 80000 rupees and came back
  • are you okay?
  • yes I got wounds , rest is fine
  • will you come to office tomorrow ?
  • yes definitely
  • see you then
  • see you
  • have you done your homework?
  • yes.
  • sleep early today
  • * phone ringing *
  • yes Mr Shehwar
  • hope everything is fine?
  • yeah fine
  • at what time shall I come ?
  • after 10 pm as Roomi sleeps at 10 pm
  • Hope I can anything for you ?
  • you are so intelligent Mr. Shehwar , but sometimes you talk so weird tell me what else I can do for you?
  • you taunt at every sentence
  • Before the call ends I want you to hear something "if the wife wish to leave you, you have to let her go, because she has already gone"
  • I will come after calling or you may call me when Roomi is asleep bye
  • bye!
  • listen! sit
  • I came after listening to your call,
  • the one in which you had talked to Shehwar before I reach there, He had recorded that
  • I also saw your selfies with Shehwar in the hotel of Islamabad
  • While seeing them, I did not see that you are not wearing black dress
  • I just saw that your smile is so true , you have bloomed , and I wanted the same
  • that when you will laugh it seems that there is no sorrow in this world
  • when you will bloom , then I will say flowers bloom like this
  • but he defeated me
  • he gave you everything that I could only think for, but could not give you
  • that's why I surrendered myself before him, and said that you have won, I have been defeated
  • I went there to save my love, but hardly saved my respect, and don't know either it will be saved or not
  • from tomorrow people will ask questions, and I will start telling lies
  • I am worried about Roomi , at present he will sleep, but when he will wake up tomorrow He will ask "where is mama?"
  • I am unable to understand that what will i tell him?
  • tell him,, I went abroad and will stay there for few days
  • I am sorry Danish , I have to go
  • what are you looking outside ?
  • I am seeing that Roomi is still awake
  • its only 8pm now, he does not sleep before 10pm,
  • do your packing, and don't leave anything of yours
  • if you want any help let me know
  • I will try to make Roomi sleep
  • are you feeling pain?
  • yes so much pain
  • Danish, Roomi has slept
  • slept ? okay
  • he is snoring
  • its almost 10 pm
  • have you packed your stuff?
  • yes
  • Let me call Mr Shehwar where is my cell phone ?
  • its there
  • listen !!
  • can you do me a favor ?
  • say it
  • I just thought , don't go at night I am not stopping you, I am just requesting
  • go in the morning , Romi will go to his school, I will go to office and you will go to your home
  • night is so tough , I feel it will not pass
  • night will also come tomorrow
  • but before that a "day" will come
  • I would have some courage till day ends, by telling many lies to Roomi that I will have the ability to handle night
  • please..
  • seriously it will give me a lot of help
  • after some days , tell the truth to Roomi If he may see me somewhere, he will be restless
  • ok
  • So, will you be going in the morning?
  • let me speak with Shehwar
  • yes obviously! Let me call him
  • hello! Danish Danish speaking Mr Shehwar
  • yeah I know So, Mr. Roomi has slept?
  • yes , but I am feeling afraid No, No! not that fear
  • I felt, Mehwish should go in the morning, when Romi will leave for school and I will leave for office
  • sometimes he wakes up in the night, and search for his mama But it does not happen daily
  • but I am scared that if he may awake today ,the it will be so difficult for me
  • ask Mehwish, what she says ?
  • she said that I have to ask you .
  • be a man, why do you talk like a kid?
  • I know, please give this favor I will pray with all my heart
  • okay fine! I will come in the morning at 9am
  • perfect!
  • thank you , thank you so much
  • he has agreed
  • have you done some deal with him?
  • deal?
  • did you take money to divorce me ?
  • not at all, why you are saying this ?
  • I felt it. The way you are requesting him, saying thanks.
  • I did not take any money against you
  • he said something to me , "if a wife wishes to leave you, you have to let her go, because she is already gone "
  • although he was saying that take 50 million
  • how much ?
  • 50 million
  • I felt sorry , that you became saleable just after leaving home
  • shut up! do you know how much 50 million is ?
  • I know!
  • I may have bought so many things
  • but I could never get that one moment, when I used to come home early and you use to open the door
  • I saw only you, I never looked upon my needs in front of you
  • I can understand You keep staying in a well , while croaking like a frog
  • listen !! shall I bring something to eat?
  • You keep staying in a well , while croaking like a frog
  • he has gone to the market, saying that he is bringing something to eat
  • for you ?
  • I am not hungry
  • buddy he is a character , I have not seen a man like him
  • which type?
  • when he came to office, seems like he will kill me, he had so much anger in his eyes
  • but after listening the phone's recording, he became relaxed and cool
  • after the end of recording he saw, smiled and said
  • she has such a beautiful voice
  • yeah!
  • she use to study with me in the university
  • do you know , I didn't see her face first, I was shocked by her voice ,
  • then I saw her , and found her on the last bench She also saw me
  • and after seeing me she got shrink, as if my eyes might have pinched her
  • when she talks with Roomi at home, I sneak and listen to her
  • all day long I use to call her from office , and when she says "Hello" , for a minute I feel shivering
  • but now her "hello" has no charisma, at least not for me
  • what do you think? Girls do cheat?
  • yes they do! there are thousand of examples
  • well! I always thought that only men are cheaters
  • but I have noticed one thing when a girl cheats , she cheats completely
  • you did not understand?
  • means , she forgets completely sometimes I feel she might memorize my name after waking up in the morning
  • so she may not utter someone else's name you shall smile, as I am talking about your name
  • then what have you thought?
  • I am thinking now, let me first understand,
  • Ok tell me, when she went to Islamabad, did she agree at once? without any hesitation?
  • yes! she was hesitating a little bit but you know there is no hesitation in love
  • when she went inside the hotel room, she might be afraid
  • leave this, what are you talking about ?
  • No No, just to make my heart stronger
  • Yes! she was not afraid, but she was wondering
  • she might be looking the room, as she has never seen the room of 5 star hotel
  • I could never showed her
  • my father was after my life, if I ever think before taking any bribe, he use to stop me, and gets very angry
  • just 10 to 15 days ago, I thought and brought 10 Lakhs home, but father made a huge scene of it
  • so had to return that
  • but what I know that your father passed away almost 5 years ago
  • yes its about 4.5 years
  • whenever I think to do anything wrong, I see him in my dream and he slaps on my face
  • you are not well
  • no! I am perfectly fine, but I am asking for my knowledge
  • actually I just heard about this, have not seen like this
  • okay, id she has decided then you may take her, I will call you once I reach home
  • I will tell you at what time to come
  • take care of her
  • sure
  • bye
  • one minute
  • its mine , I borrowed them from some one, bye

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Sometimes even love is not enough to keep some people happy. Meray Paas Tum Ho revolves around the lives of an ordinary couple, Danish and Mehwish who have different needs and mindset which slowly drifts them apart.

Ayeza Khan as Mehwish is a beautiful girl from a middle-class family. She is married to Danish who loves her immensely. She has certain expectation from life which Danish is unable to fulfill.

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Humayun Saeed as Danish is a simple and honest man who works in a government organization. His life revolves around his wife, Mehwish.

They are both leading a happy life, but despite Danish’s best efforts, he is not able to give Mehwish the life that she desires.

Shees Sajji Gul as Roomi is the only son of Mehwish and Danish.

Adnan Siddiqui as Shehwaar is a rich and charming man. He has a cunning nature and knows how to manipulate people. He is the owner of a large company in which Mehwish starts working.

Mehar Bano as Anushey is a close friend of Mehwish who belongs to a well-off family.

Rehmat Ajmal as Aisha and Furqan Qureshi as Salman are the mutual friends of both Mehwish and Danish who are always there for them in time of need.

Hira Salman as Hania is the teacher of Roomi, Mehwish and Danish’s son. She is also the daughter of Danish’s colleague, Mateen Sahab.

In light of the aforementioned circumstances between Mehwish and Danish, will the latter’s true devotion and love for the former ever be enough for her?

Written By: Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar

Directed By: Nadeem Baig


Humayun Saeed as Danish
Ayeza Khan as Mehwish
Adnan Siddiqui as Shahwaar Ahmad
Hira Salman as Hania
Shees Sajji Gul as Roomi
Mehar Bano as Anushey
Mohammad Ahmed
Furqan Qureshi as Salman
Rehmat Ajmal as Aisha

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