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Introducing NEW Mentos Smoothies. Entirely made from awesome, like a Mango, Strawberry and Banana sipping milkshakes while a cow tinkles the ivories.

New flavour from Mentos!

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Patrick Anderson
Mentos posted on Feb 27, 2020

Mentos님의 커버 사진

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Alice Butts
Tim David Casey
Mentos posted on Jan 31, 2020

Mentos님의 커버 사진

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Sarah E Howson
What’s wrong with these pictures???

Ảnh từ bài viết của Laurie Daniel

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Why do I have to keep picking up your pieces of plastic, that I find on the edge of what should be a pristine estuary? Why don't you use materials that are natural and will bio-degrade?
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Hey Mentos, how do you propose sea life "Stays Fresh" with your packaging in their stomach? #WarOnWaste
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Good Afternoon Mentos - is there any way of being able to tell what flavour Mentos you are going to get with the individually wrapped fruit ones? I always pray for pink, but end up with yellow or orange, and part of me dies everytime.
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