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Little known fact: the original song title was actually "Flying Purple Penis Eater."

5 Reasons Why Your Penis Might Turn Purple

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Barry Donald
Sweating hard four times a week with nothing to show? Time to smarten up

7 Mistakes Stopping You From Getting A Six-Pack

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Stay guilt free by snacking on these treats by Luke Hines

5 Low Carb Healthy Snacks

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Think every T is the same? Think again

How To Choose The Perfect T-Shirt

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Andrew Getz
Justin Anderson
Your flirting might not be as innocent as you think

Women Are Sharing the Things Men Do That Creep Them Out

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Andrew Johnson
Ross McDermott
Marty Barmentloo
Bryan Pierce
Dale Wright
Sleeping with boomers double my age taught me a thing or two about maturity

'I Went To Hedonism II, A Nude Sex Resort, And Now I No Longer Fear Growing Old'

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Andrew Turnbull
Rajith Maligaspe
Brett Lawson
Chris Fairbairn
“I gotta be honest: It was brutal at times."

How John Krasinski Transformed His Body And Built That Six Pack

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Ka Kwok
Remember when your teacher told you cheaters never win? Well, she was right

4 Ways to Tell If You're Cheating Yourself During Your Workouts

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