Football player at Olympique Lyon.


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Skkrrrtt skrrrtt... Up we go!

The team showed everything we needed to show tonight.

3 big points to take home, we never give up!


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Mephis Depay Waluza
Mandeyya Yumzaa
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อ.เอิร์ธ ฮันนี่เลม่อน
Every day is a school day.
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Everything is set for tomorrow! ⏳

We will bounce back! ⚽
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Lyon Night Lights.

Let’s do this!

Olympique Lyonnais - OL ⚽
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Live for the moments you can’t put into words yet always dreamed about. Creating and collaborating with the amazing team from Vogue Nederland was such an honor! Thank you for the privilege of gracing your cover! #Blessed

Photographer | @casperkofi
Stylist | @lee_stuart
Grooming | @pernellkusmus
Production | @georginaschrama
Interview | @m_verhoeven


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‪ I’m so excited to grace the cover of Vogue...the leading and top fashion magazine in the world. To be aligned with such a globally celebrated brand that is at the forefront of fashion is both an honor and a blessing.

Thank you to the amazing team who made this special milestone happen for me! #Blessed‬


‪Photographer | @casperkofi...
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Preparing for the UEFA Champions League Champions League opener tomorrow night, in Lyon!

Olympique Lyonnais - OL ⚽
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Last night, I played my 50th game for my country!

15th October 2013 I made my debut, as a 20 year old boy.

Damn, times fly!

6 years later, I look back at the journey I started and I can tell you that it’s been a bumpy gtroad, with a lot beautiful moments, mixed with hard lessons, but I’m proud of what I’ve done so far and the journey is not done yet.

I’m very excited to see how far we...
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Nothing sweet tonight, like I said!

Happy to help the team with two assists and a goal!

We putting on for the nation! Let’s keep this focus and spirit together with the supporters!

OnsOranje ⚽

‍♂ #WalkInFaithNotBySight
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Memphis Kane
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Mephis Depay Waluza
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Blessed to link up with my brother Gini, in Lyon! We caught a great vibe and ate some good food!
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