Melissa McCarthy and Billie Eilish Are Bad Guys

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03:11   |   May 16, 2019


Melissa McCarthy and Billie Eilish Are Bad Guys
Melissa McCarthy and Billie Eilish Are Bad Guys thumb Melissa McCarthy and Billie Eilish Are Bad Guys thumb Melissa McCarthy and Billie Eilish Are Bad Guys thumb


  • MELISSA MCCARTHY: I think all of us
  • know that Ellen always has the best guests on her show.
  • And recently, she had one of my absolute favorites--
  • Billie Eilish on.
  • I love her.
  • I'm completely obsessed with her.
  • We listen to her all the time.
  • In fact, if you don't like her, just get up and get out.
  • We'll wait.
  • Just take a hike.
  • Nobody?
  • Good.
  • That's-- I was hoping nobody was going to get up and leave.
  • My dream is really to go on tour with her,
  • or to just like lay down a track.
  • I think that's what the kids are saying now.
  • I think we would make a great duo.
  • I mean, we could tour together.
  • I would assume we would end up best friends.
  • Maybe matching tattoos.
  • I don't know.
  • I think every super cool 17-year-old musician
  • needs a 48-year-old Midwestern mother of two
  • kind of as like her hype man.
  • To me it makes sense.
  • So I wanted to prove that I do have
  • what it takes to perform with her,
  • and I put something together.
  • We can watch it or we'll not watch it.
  • I mean, it's all-- roll the tape I brought.
  • BILLIE EILISH: White shirt now red, my bloody nose.
  • Sleeping, you're on your tippy toes.
  • Creeping around like no one knows.
  • Thinking you're so criminal.
  • MELISSA MCCARTHY: You know what?
  • It's raspberry.
  • BILLIE EILISH: So you're a tough guy.
  • Like it really rough guy.
  • Just can't get enough guy.
  • Chest always so puffed guy.
  • I'm that bad type.
  • Make your mama sad type.
  • Make your girl friend mad tight.
  • Might seduce your dad type.
  • I'm the bad guy.
  • MELISSA MCCARTHY: But then, of course, that
  • was the summer when I was 14.
  • Then I turned 15 and met Roger.
  • Oh boy, Roger.
  • BILLIE EILISH: I'm a bad guy.
  • MELISSA MCCARTHY: Oh, I think you're too hard on yourself.
  • You're real [INAUDIBLE] like a feather.
  • Allergies, huh?
  • Need a lozenge?
  • A lozenge.
  • What a crazy word.
  • Oh, here I go.
  • I'm only good at being bad.
  • Bad.
  • MELISSA MCCARTHY: We're practically twins.
  • We're blood twins.
  • BILLIE EILISH: I'm the bad guy.
  • MELISSA MCCARTHY: I hope that helps me make my point.
  • I would love to do a video with you, Billie.
  • And if that does improve it, I don't know what does.
  • We'll be right back.
  • And just remember, Kristen Bell is naturally dirty.
  • ANDY: Hi, I'm Andy.
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  • so you can see more awesome videos.
  • Like videos of me getting scared or saying embarrassing things
  • like ball peen hammer, and also some videos
  • of Ellen and other celebrities.
  • If you're into that sort of thing.
  • God [BEEP]

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Guest host Melissa McCarthy admitted she is obsessed with Billie Eilish, and has dreams of becoming best friends and touring with the pop star. To prove she has what it takes to hang with Billie, Melissa put together a video to show off her skills.