Hey, it's Meesmoth, from the Philippines. I am a huge fan of Gabbi Garcia and Kate Valdez, including the Godzilla franchise as well, but I also love to play city-building games such as Cities: Skylines and open-world games such as GTA V.
My current desktop PC specs:
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit @Version 1709
Intel Core i3-2120 CPU @3.30GHz
12288 MB (12GB) DDR3 RAM @1333MHz + 32000 MB (32GB) virtual memory
NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 GDDR5 @2018 MB (2GB)
Software used for recording/editing:
Bandicam (version 4.0.2)
Fraps (version 3.5.99)
Windows Movie Maker (version 6.0)
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premier Pro