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McDonald's Is Releasing A Chicken Burger With Naan Bread As The Bun

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Who's gonna win? ⏳

McDonald's Self-Order Kiosks

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Get FREE delivery on your McDelivery order today with the code MCDELIVERYUK on Uber Eats!

Order between 5pm - 7pm tonight for the McDelivery Night In and you might also get something from our limited edition McDelivery range (while stocks last)!

Timeline Photos

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We only use organic British in our teas & coffees

Milk Just Like McDonald's

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Hands up if you’re a garlic lover

McDonald's Garlic Mayo Chicken One

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Level up with the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese ☝

McDonald's UK Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese

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Swing on by for a 99p Cheeseburger!

McDonald's Cheeseburger

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We only use free range across our breakfast menu

Eggs Just Like McDonald's

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Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese + Bacon =

Everything is better with bacon

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The new Hot Cajun Chicken One! Yes please.

McDonald's Hot Cajun Chicken One

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