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“If someone is listening to my mix tape, they want to know who I am and for me that’s all different moods.” Claire #GenerationFluid

Generation Fluid: Meet Claire

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“Before, the juggle between mum and career woman was quite polarising, but now it’s more possible than ever.” Marcia #GenerationFluid

Generation Fluid: Meet Marcia

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Introducing Jordan. “To be yourself and express yourself for who you are, that’s what should be celebrated.” #GenerationFluid

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Introducing Claire. “Whatever mood you’re in you just need to express it your way and for me that’s through music and makeup.” #GenerationFluid

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Introducing Jayme. “You can’t fit beauty in a box, it’s so unique and catered to individual people, cultures and styles.” #GenerationFluid

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Introducing Marcia. “I’m doing all these great things now, not despite being a mum, but because I am a mum" #GenerationFluid

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Introducing #GenerationFluid. Whoever you are, wherever you come from or however you feel, live your way.
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Maybelline New York posted on Jul 02, 2019

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The latest gamechanger in makeup? A foundation that flawlessly fits YOU! Swing by Priceline Australia and see a beauty advisor to have your foundation flawlessly matched.
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Struggle to find the perfect lipstick shade that suits you? Well, Maybelline's latest Made For All range has 6 universal lipsticks that suit everyone! Watch @flexmami swatch the ENTIRE range [ Youtu.be Link ]
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