MARVEL Reveals Why Thanos HAD To Be KILLED In The Opening of AVENGERS ENDGAME

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MARVEL Reveals Why Thanos HAD To Be KILLED In The Opening of AVENGERS ENDGAME
MARVEL Reveals Why Thanos HAD To Be KILLED In The Opening of AVENGERS ENDGAME thumb MARVEL Reveals Why Thanos HAD To Be KILLED In The Opening of AVENGERS ENDGAME thumb MARVEL Reveals Why Thanos HAD To Be KILLED In The Opening of AVENGERS ENDGAME thumb


  • what's up everybody and welcome back to
  • the YouTube channel today we'll continue
  • our coverage for spoilers for Avengers
  • endgame this time with an explanation
  • coming from one of the key moments in
  • Avengers endgame from the writers of the
  • movie itself in with Marvel officially
  • commenting on exactly why they decided
  • to kill thanos in the opening act of
  • Avengers endgame instead of saving it
  • for later and the major problem that
  • they dealt with with Thanos having all
  • of the Infinity stones after the events
  • of infinity war so without further ado
  • let's go ahead and jump into the
  • explanation in a recent interview the
  • riders for endgame talked about the
  • difficulties of writing a character that
  • was all-powerful which apparently Thanos
  • was after the events of infinity war
  • after collecting all six of the Infinity
  • stones and completing and achieving his
  • goal
  • the riders talked about how difficult it
  • was to have the Avengers be a real
  • threat for Thanos until ultimately they
  • decided to write him out of the first
  • act of the movie as having a character
  • that powerful in the movie simply mucked
  • it up if you remember an infinity war he
  • is omnipotent it is ridiculous how much
  • power he has at the opening of this
  • movie so for a good solid three weeks in
  • the writing room we're trying to figure
  • out what is movie 2 with the character
  • with that much power and his control at
  • one point our executive producer in
  • frustration said god I really wish we
  • could just kill him in response to this
  • we all said slow down what exactly does
  • this mean that's interesting to kill him
  • is absolutely within his character when
  • we asked why would he let you because he
  • did what he wanted to do in the end that
  • is why he would let you it's strong for
  • him to do that we've been at it all a
  • long time and that's kind of a thing
  • that I beat myself up for not thinking
  • of earlier if I'm being consistent to
  • his character this is on the table
  • Thanos would be okay and come to terms
  • with his own death what this explanation
  • tells us is actually a few things the
  • first thing being that they decided to
  • kill thanos later on in the process in
  • that it wasn't actually the original
  • plan after they finished Infinity Ward
  • to kill off Thanos in the first act of
  • endgame that was something that came a
  • little bit later another really
  • interesting thing to note is they
  • believe as well as myself that it does
  • go along with that Thanos character that
  • he would come to terms with his own
  • death after completing his goal as that
  • is the gold that he's dedicated
  • thousands
  • years of his life in order to achieve
  • and after he's done so he's going to
  • rest as long as possible and accept his
  • ultimate fate whatever that may be it
  • also makes a lot of sense as for the
  • narrative and plot of Avengers endgame
  • as you can't have a character that
  • all-powerful in the movie for it to make
  • total sense at least not long term
  • that's why Tony Stark and Hulk don't
  • have the gauntlet for very long in
  • Avengers endgame as well as Thanos and
  • infinity war you simply cannot have a
  • character that is all-powerful take
  • place in your movie for it to make sense
  • or else all the Avengers would have
  • shown up at Thanos his farm and panis
  • would have simply dispatched them
  • incredibly easily with the power of all
  • six stones so they had to find a way to
  • write themselves around this and kill
  • Thanos while at the same time removing a
  • lot of the Infinity stones from a big
  • portion of Avengers endgame but that is
  • just what the writers of avengers
  • endgame had to say about their ultimate
  • decision to kill off Thanos and the
  • first act of the movie and why they
  • believed it was the smart move but I
  • want to hear your thoughts on this in
  • the comments down below and what are
  • your thoughts on the fact that they
  • ultimately decided to kill thanos in the
  • opening of endgame were you shocked when
  • you first saw it in theaters and what
  • did you suspect going forward in a movie
  • supposedly with no more Thanos again
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  • great day
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