Marvel MasterWorks Captain America Shield unboxing 4K

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Marvel MasterWorks Captain America Shield unboxing 4K
Marvel MasterWorks Captain America Shield unboxing 4K thumb Marvel MasterWorks Captain America Shield unboxing 4K thumb Marvel MasterWorks Captain America Shield unboxing 4K thumb


  • okay here's the unboxing video for the
  • Disney masterworks Captain America
  • shield
  • with the black panther claw marks on it
  • this came in a much larger box that you
  • can see from all the packing peanuts
  • that are on there it was um it was so
  • you've got this inner box and there was
  • a much larger outer box with packing
  • peanuts so and then of course the custom
  • Pelican case is inside of that the only
  • small amount of damage was this but
  • since it's in a Pelican case with custom
  • cut foam I'm not worried about it so
  • let's open by the way it says Stark
  • Industries okay right on top
  • whoo okay so this is number eight of 50
  • in existence and in case you didn't know
  • this is made by Disney by the actual
  • head of the prop Department
  • that makes the actual Captain America
  • shields for the movie so it's the same
  • people all same movie and they only made
  • fifty of these worldwide so this is
  • number eight of 50 cool and it comes
  • with let's see the shield we've got the
  • display stand certificate of
  • authenticity that's framed and etched in
  • glass should be pretty cool all right so
  • let's get this thing out of here oh
  • that's cool so make sure you guys can
  • see that it's a photo of the prop maker
  • sign for it that's cool photo of the
  • claw scene
  • and how to set up the stand and
  • combination to my particular case
  • because again these are custom-made
  • Pelican cases now the shipping weight on
  • this was eighty three point three pounds
  • remember quick baby pretty something so
  • this sucker is big and heavy oh cool
  • looks like it's got a luggage and it's
  • on wheels too
  • okay alright so it also had a little bit
  • of bubble wrap in there too but that's
  • what the inside of the box looks like so
  • you have the outer box the inner box and
  • then that alright let's look at this
  • sucker so we've got double rollers there
  • on the bottom
  • those are pretty heavy-duty to me like a
  • channel okay so you can just roll this
  • bring it with you which is awesome cuz I
  • have a custom shield case that I made
  • for two of their cap prop shields that I
  • have so this one will do just fine let's
  • lay this down okay you got a stark
  • industries logo on there look at that
  • that's cool
  • this is a for those that are curious as
  • to what size they used this is a Pelican
  • 1690 alright some heavy-duty padlocks on
  • here
  • so let's put in the code here
  • all right 0:08 my shield number zero
  • zero five zero
  • [Music]
  • okay
  • so it looks like the stand did move a
  • little bit came out of its little
  • impression here but doesn't look damaged
  • does this is metal this is solid heavy
  • metal so this isn't going crystal oh
  • that's cool that's neat
  • that's awesome I gotta hit it to Disney
  • they know how to you know how to pack
  • things really presentation is awesome
  • alright so good information about the
  • shield just want you can pause the video
  • there if you want to read it off percent
  • what this is sure what this is for
  • oh it's probably a cleaning cloth not
  • sure that's what it is that's cool all
  • right here's the stand it goes in there
  • stands on there this is so mean a trash
  • oh my
  • Wow Wow the I don't know if how well it
  • comes across but the metal the green on
  • the metal is fantastic Wow that these
  • are Black Panthers claw marks these are
  • apparently hand laser etched into the
  • shield wow that's just jumps right out
  • it looks gorgeous Wow
  • this plaque number 8 of 50 awesome
  • Wow all right this is awesome
  • number eight of 50 and there's only one
  • person that will ever get to sign it
  • Chris Evans right there next show he
  • does Captain America sings he's gonna be
  • on there thanks for watching

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Shield #8 of 50