Marvel Cinematic Universe: Timeline (Part 1 - Updated)

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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Timeline (Part 1 - Updated)
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Timeline (Part 1 - Updated) thumb Marvel Cinematic Universe: Timeline (Part 1 - Updated) thumb Marvel Cinematic Universe: Timeline (Part 1 - Updated) thumb


  • In the beginning, as the universe exploded into being, six singularities of immense power
  • were forged into concentrated ingots (in gut) possibly by the Cosmic Entities Infinity,
  • Entropy, Eternity and Death.
  • Over time, the infinity stones representing Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Soul and Time
  • became scattered across the universe, with only those of great strength able to wield
  • them.
  • Beings like the Celestial, Eson the Searcher, who used the power stone to destroy a planet.
  • However the stone eventually proved too powerful to use and so was encased in an Orb and abandoned
  • in a Temple on the Planet of Morag.
  • Over time the world’s climate drastically changed becoming covered in ocean, making
  • the temple accessible only once every 300 years, when the waters temporarily receded.
  • Although others of his kind once populated the Universe, the Celestial known as Ego was
  • alone for a great portion of his life, creating his own layers of reality which became a planet
  • he inhabited.
  • Journeying into space to search for other lifeforms, he was disappointed to find mortal
  • beings of limited ability and intelligence, and so he set out on a mission to expand his
  • own lifeforce by planting seeds that would consume various worlds.
  • In order to be powerful enough to go through with this great project of expansion, he needed
  • another being like himself, and so mated with females from differeny species, in the hopes
  • they might have a child with Celestial powers.
  • On the planet that came to be known as Earth, a meteor of vibranium struck the continent
  • of Africa, imbuing the plant life in the area with mystical powers.
  • Eventually, five human tribes settled nearby, often going to war against each other until
  • there emerged a leader named Bashenga, blessed by the goddess Bast who consumed a special
  • heart shaped herb that gave him the powers of the black panther.
  • Four of the tribes submitted to his rule, leaving only the Jabari who refused and retreated
  • into the mountains.
  • Wakanda would then hide their true power from the rest of the world, using vibranium to
  • create advanced technologies for their own uses.
  • Developing into advanced cybernetic beings, the ancient Chronicom sent their people to
  • observe and explore other lifeforms in the universe, sending one of their kind to Earth,
  • where he watched human development, eventually becoming known as Enoch.
  • As the early civilizations of Earth developed, a human by the name of Agamotto acquired the
  • Time Stone, becoming a student of the mystic arts and the first Sorcerer Supreme, housing
  • the stone in an item called the Eye, which allowed the wielders to safely channel it’s
  • power.
  • The Eye was then guarded by his followers for thousands of years, as they passed on
  • Agamotto’s knowledge of the mystic arts to new generations
  • During an age of darkness, before the dawn of the nine realms, the Dark Elves ruled unchallenged
  • from their home planet of Svartelheim (svart alf heim) but eventually lost their authority
  • when other civilizations rose to prominence.
  • Seeking to return to an age of darkness, Malekith, ruler of the Dark elves tried to use the power
  • of the Aether or Reality stone during the Convergence, an event every 5000 years in
  • which the nine realms aligned.
  • Yet he was soon confronted by the Asgardians following King Bor, who defeated the Dark
  • Elves and used the bifrost to transport the Aether away.
  • Although Malekith and his closest followers survived the attack going into stasis aboard
  • a cloaked ship, the rest of the dark elves were destroyed with King Bor ordering the
  • reality stone hidden away in a secret location.
  • Far off in space, the Kree Empire developed into an authoritarian and militaristic culture
  • seeking to subjugate other worlds.
  • However after a particularly devastating war, the Empire became politically divided in how
  • best to seek vengeance for their losses.
  • One faction decided to send scientists to a number of worlds where they performed genetic
  • experiments on the native populations in the hopes of developing a powerful biological
  • weapon.
  • Some of these scientists came to earth and through their experiments manipulated human
  • genes to create a sub race with unique abilities that came to be known as Inhumans.
  • These genes remained dormant inside the host body until exposed to Terrigen mist, which
  • emanated from Terrigen Crystals stored inside Diviners.
  • Although the Kree government soon shut down these illegal experiments, their work on Earth
  • led to the creation of Hive, a powerful inhuman once known as Alveus, able to manipulate the
  • thoughts of other inhumans and possess the minds of the dead.
  • Originally he was meant to lead the Inhuman army on behalf of the Kree, but instead he
  • rebelled, leading others of his kind against their creators, banishing them from Earth.
  • Yet the Hive soon became so powerful his own followers feared him, leading to a human-inhuman
  • alliance which turned against their ruler, exiling him to the planet Maveth through a
  • teleportation device known as the Monolith, created by the Kree.
  • Yet not all were prepared to abandon the man who freed Earth from their alien masters and
  • so a cult formed with the intention of bringing the Hive back to rule the planet.
  • This secret society eventually became an organization bent on world domination known as Hydra, with
  • an eternal devotion to the Hive of Maveth, sending human sacrifices through the monolith,
  • so he could survive by possessing new host bodies.
  • Due to these early Kree experiments, inhuman genes were passed down to later generations,
  • allowing for some future humans to develop special powers when exposed to Terrigen mist.
  • Sometime following the First Dark Elf Conflict King Bor died in battle, leaving the throne
  • of Asgard to his son and heir Odin.
  • In time Odin and his wife Frigga became powerful rulers, with the Allfather even defeating
  • the fire demon Surtur, banishing him to Muspelheim and taking away the source of his great power,
  • the Eternal Flame which was stored in Odin’s Vault.
  • Seeking to establish greater control and authority over the nine realms, Odin and his first born
  • child, Hela, known as the goddess of Death, engaged in a campaign of conquest, slaughtering
  • those who stood in opposition.
  • Yet once they were subjugated, Hela wished to continue expanding beyond the nine realms,
  • growing so violent and aggressive Odin felt he had no choice but to exile her to a region
  • of Niflheim known as Hel, banishing all mention of this portion of their history, and establishing
  • a new age of peace and prosperity for the realms they conquered.

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Timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from the formation of the universe to the conquest of the nine realms in the first millennium BC. Based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Marvel Studios.

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