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Mark's Mark’s has always been there for those who live their life #wellworn. We proudly sell clothes that share the same values as the people who wear them.

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Thursday to Sunday and save up to 60%

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Lisa Chambers
So, I tried to sign in and got a message saying that I needed to click to get an activation link. Three or four times I did this and each time the activation link had expired. Why do you treat customers with such disrespect? I placed an order earlier today and never even received an acknowledgement. I will not order or buy anything from Mark's again. This kind of disrespect is unacceptable.
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Posting on behalf of my hubby:
“I don’t know why I continue to pay $80 for Carhartt pants! These lasted me 3 days... yes I do work on my knees... I wear knee pads always and can’t believe these double front pants can’t even last a week! Quality for the price is just not there... very disappointed customer again and again...”
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This afternoon I attempted to purchase a pair of Carhartt work boots from your Beacon Hill, Calgary AB location. We drove in from out of town after having searched your inventory to find the Beacon Hill location had a pair in my size.
When we got there, we were delighted to find that they did indeed have the pair I travelled in for, but would NOT sell them to me as they were in the back to be...
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You might want to let your staff know they should remove clearance tags on merchandise they ship out that shows a price that’s less than the “clearance price” you charged me for my online purchases.

I was charged $20.88 each for the 3 pairs of pants I purchased online. All 3 showed up with clearance stickers on them showing they had been reduced to $14.88 in the store.

The pants are going...
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Imagine my surprise, signs all over the inside and outside of the store saying "take up to 70% off all yellow tagged items", only to be told the sale ended yesterday "we just haven't had time to take down the signs"
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It would be very nice if, when you send an email to someone saying that they can come in and pick-up their order, that the hours you list in the email are actually CORRECT. Wasted my time driving all the way to my local store, to find that the store was already closed for the day...two hours EARLIER than listed in the email which was sent to me. Not cool and definitely not appreciated.
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Bitter disappointment to hear you're not carrying Alfred Sung anymore.
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Terrible Online Customer Service! Order items in November, never received them and it took Mark's almost three months to reimburse me!!!
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I was asked if I wanted my receipt emailed to me, I said yes. Now no matter how many times I 'unsubscribe' to the emails, they won't stop!
I called in and was told it may take 30 days for the 'unsubscribe' to take effect...

No, I didn't want to receive a single advertisement! All I wanted was a copy of my receipt.... I now absolutely hate Marks work wearhouse and will never shop there again!
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