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Man at Arms

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I don't do this for a living. My content is all about entertaining you. Due to the "language" of my content there isn't much chance of this becoming a revenue stream; and that's how I like it. I don't upload everyday, or week for that matter. I enjoy doing this; but, I won't release something that I don't think will make you laugh.

I encourage you all to send me your ideas and what you would like to see. This channel was born out of the Bungie forums, and I will forever be grateful to the Destiny community members who convinced me to start making videos in the first place. There are too many of you to name.
I am linking a Patreon page. Anything donated there will be used for improving the channels art and my equipment. Do not feel compelled to give anything. It isn't necessary. You being here, watching, liking, and commenting let me know you enjoy this hobby of mine.