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Yeye and gaga reading “Spot visits his grandparents” to our grandson Ronan who lives in Singapore with his sister and parents. Singapore’s PM @leehsienloong has been decisive in tackling the virus, taking strong measures early, identifying and isolating those infected and using technology to trace and alert their contacts.
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We might not be able to gather to mourn the victims of the Christchurch attack.
But we can remember them today and in these anxious times especially affirm our commitment to love, mutual respect and solidarity.
#candleforChristchurch (today, if you can, please light a candle to not only remember but to show your support for communities and nations that are stronger by sticking together)...
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Happy National Batik Day Indonesia. Ten years ago, UNESCO recognised batik as a masterpiece of Indonesian culture and expression. First Lady Ibu Iriana gave me this beautiful batik and it was a pleasure to wear it when meeting my good friend President Jokowi.

Presiden Joko Widodo

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There is an important state election being held in NSW on March 23. I want you to know that I am backing Bruce Notley-Smith MP, a champion of our community in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, to be re-elected as the Member for Coogee.

For eight years Bruce has stood up for our interests and it’s vitally important he remains in parliament to ensure we have a strong advocate for our community....
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From Lucy, me and our family, to you and yours, Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a season of love and of joy. Like many, we are welcoming far flung family home for the holiday, in our case our son Alex, his wife Yvonne and their children Isla & Ronan. It is Ronan’s first Christmas and his first visit to Australia.

Our daughter Daisy and her husband James live in Sydney with their two children...
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In the course of my discussions with several members of the NSW State Executive yesterday, I spoke with Matt Kean, a NSW State Government Minister.

Mr Kean has chosen to give a version of that conversation to The Australian newspaper - complete with purported quotes.

So to set the record straight:

As I said last night I believe that the NSW State Executive should not prevent the Liberal...
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‪Today I learned there was a move to persuade the State Executive to re-endorse Craig Kelly as Liberal candidate for Hughes in order to avoid a preselection - in other words to deny Liberal Party members in Hughes the opportunity to have their say. ‬

I subsequently spoke with several State Executive members to express my strong view that the Party’s democratic processes should operate in the...
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Today I have written to my constituents in Wentworth to thank them and to let them know I will be resigning from Parliament later this week.

And thank you to the thousands of Australians who have written to me thanking me for my public service and expressing their disgust at the shameful events of last week. I will respond to your messages after Lucy and I have had a break. We deeply...

Delivering For You | Malcolm Turnbull MP

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Thank you. It’s been an honour to serve you as Prime Minister.
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Malcolm Turnbull posted on Aug 24, 2018

Malcolm Turnbull posted on Aug 24, 2018

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