Making a Bushcraft Knife

May 07, 2016


Making a Bushcraft Knife
Making a Bushcraft Knife thumb Making a Bushcraft Knife thumb Making a Bushcraft Knife thumb

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Thank you for watching my video I hope you enjoyed it as it took me a lot of time to put together. I am also very sorry for not posting Lately and I will try to post more regularly.
This knife is based off the drop point hunter design and the steel is sanded up to 1200 grit, the handle is made from Australian ringed gidgee wood which has a very unique grain that is brought out by the coating of tung oil.
I would also like to tell you guys that I bought a belt sander which is heavily used in this vid and the end result would have been nowhere near as good as it is if I did not have access to this, so thank you for allowing me to get it!

Music: http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic
Instrumental produced by Chuki.


I hold no responsibility for any damage or injury caused if you try to re create these weapons.

If you do make these weapons be safe and always wear safety protections

Always use these weapons in a safe and controlled environment where no one is in danger because of your actions!

Don't be an idiot!

There may be dangers that i am aware about when making these weapons.