Make it Real Zarya's Particle Cannon (PART 1/3)

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Jun 23, 2017


Make it Real Zarya's Particle Cannon (PART 1/3)
Make it Real Zarya's Particle Cannon (PART 1/3) thumb Make it Real Zarya's Particle Cannon (PART 1/3) thumb Make it Real Zarya's Particle Cannon (PART 1/3) thumb


  • hey guys on this episode of make it real we're going to be building Zarya's
  • particle cannon from the game overwatch
  • now we're super excited bout this project because it's the first make it
  • real project that we're really focusing on aesthetics we're going to make it
  • look exactly like it does in the game and it's going to work - now the big
  • question is how we're going to make it work? You can't exactly make it work
  • just like it does in the game I mean what is that even in the video game it
  • is a particle accelerator which we can't exactly build in our garage so instead
  • we're going to have to use a non-fictional technology something we
  • have right here in the shop as you guys know I've had a CNC laser cutter for a
  • few years now and I've actually had quite a few extra laser tubes which I've
  • been meaning to make a laser bazooka out of for the longest time I think this is
  • the first time I mentioned it over two years ago
  • so I ordered a few spare laser tubes for the laser cutter just in case one one goes and I'm not
  • dead in the water and I also ordered a pair so I'm going to build a laser
  • bazooka! This co2 laser is a class four industrial laser it's rated at 80 watts
  • which is over 80 thousand times as powerful as a standard laser pointer
  • because it's an infrared laser that means it's completely invisible to the
  • naked eye but that also means it's super efficient at cutting through things
  • anyway enough talking about it, let's show you what it can do!
  • all right so we've got all the components we need for buildings Zarya's
  • particle accelerator now we're actually powering the entire thing off of this
  • small lithium polymer battery but the power supply for the laser is AC so
  • we're actually going to be using this power inverter take DC to AC and then
  • this actually outputs up to 35,000 volts to the laser tube which causes the laser
  • to fire so even though this laser tube puts out 80 watts of laser power
  • it actually takes over 400 watts of input power from the power supply here
  • there's a lot of heat loss which means we actually have to water cool the
  • entire system and to do that we're using a frozen Q reservoir which is actually
  • used for computer water cooling systems but enough talking about it let's fire
  • up this laser but first a few words about safety, safety, safe and safeness
  • and we have Ian
  • alright let's plug everything in so 120 volts output to the high voltage power
  • supply and if you press this button here we have fire alright so as you can see
  • it's pretty powerful!
  • and you can use it to cook marshmallows!
  • okay come on Jordie you're above it you're above it, down! Too long, too long!!!
  • alright so once we have this project built I think it might actually be the
  • most powerful infrared handheld laser ever made at least by a hobbyist now if
  • you guys are big fans of laser projects I encourage you to check out a channel
  • called Styropyro he's the king of lasers on YouTube and he's actually made
  • a 200 watt laser shotgun using blue laser modules now from a numbers point
  • of view it might sound more powerful 200 watts versus 80 watts but because this
  • is 80 watts of infrared power I think it's actually more destructive but we'd
  • love to hear Styropyro's feedback on it in the comments below
  • anyways let's test it out!
  • Ok ready? 3... 2... 1...
  • all right so you guys may be wondering about our blatant disregard for laser
  • safety in this video so far well to be honest we had originally had this plan
  • to make this overcomplicated helmet where you actual looked through a camera lens
  • and see everything through a screen which is probably the safest thing you
  • can do but then we realized normal safety glasses actually absorb infrared
  • light as well which means they will protect your eyes but not for very long
  • let's take a look so I'm just going to flash the laser real quick to see if
  • the goggles protect from a quick reflection of infrared light all right
  • so as you can see the goggles are fine they're a little burned but at least the
  • balloon didn't pop now if you were to continue staring right at the laser
  • through your safety goggles you'd be in trouble let's see what happens working
  • pretty good that is working pretty good it would take over 10 seconds of staring
  • directly into this 80 watt laser tube before you burn your eyes out but that
  • being said we are actually going to order some proper laser grade safety
  • glasses which actually look quite like normal safety glasses right yes whoa
  • check that out so if you guys are interested in
  • learning more about safety goggles and their effective lasers check out this
  • video here by William Osman, it's awesome!
  • all right so the big question is how are we going to make this laser tube look
  • like Zarya's particle cannon, well I'm glad you asked!
  • so one of the hardest parts about doing a project like this is getting an
  • accurate 3d model of the actual gun luckily someone on Thingiverse has
  • already created one they were able to extract the game files from overwatch and
  • create an STL model of the entire gun which has over 30 individual pieces so
  • big thank you to kscannon for creating this file and releasing it to
  • the public on Thingiverse now the tricky part is all these STL files are
  • individual and we actually have to assemble them together into the complete
  • models of gun which is why STL files suck if this was actually made in
  • SolidWorks or something you'd actually have an assembly file and you'd be able
  • to mount all the files together using mating features whereas what we have to
  • do with meshmixer is actually placing all by hand which took us quite a few hours!
  • now that we have the gun assembled we can actually import the components that
  • we designed into the model now after we place our components inside the model we
  • can actually use a tool called boolean subtract to cut them out of the existing
  • files this is a rather processor hungry operation so it's a good thing we have
  • the origin PC to really chug through that data with all the parts modified we
  • can now export each STL file compare them to printing now speaking of
  • printing this is going to take a lot of plastic we initially did a few calculations
  • with the original models and Thingiverse and we found it's going to use over 17
  • kilograms of plastic and that's only at a 15% fill density that doesn't even
  • take into account how long it's going to take to print luckily we reached out to
  • Lulzbot and told them about the project and they were very happy to support us
  • they actually sent us 30 kilograms of petg plastic to use for this project in
  • in addition to sending us 30 kilograms of premium petg plastic they also sent
  • us a MOARstruder which can print out a layer height of up to one point
  • two millimeters normal 3d printer typically prints at around 0.25 which
  • means to print Zarya's particle cannon it would take over a thousand hours but
  • with a MOARstruder it would only take about 240 hours! In addition to that they also
  • sent us two more TAZ6's complete with MOARstruders which means we're
  • going to be able to print this entire thing in just a few days, we've already gotten started!
  • in the next build video we're hoping to finish this off and make it ready for
  • the first test all we have to do is finish 3d printing it
  • then we'll have to sand it painting add the electronics
  • probably do some more sanding, realize we use the wrong color sand it
  • again and assembling the gun and it'll be ready to the first test to see that
  • click here when it comes out but you know what we wouldn't even be able to do
  • this project it's not for an audience like you, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!
  • Thanks for subscribing and stay tuned for the next video!

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