Make a Whale with 3d Pen

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Make a Whale with 3d Pen
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  • Hello, I'm 3D pen master, Sanago.
  • Today, I'm going to make is the thing in this drawing -
  • a whale.
  • I like whale very much.
  • If someone asks what's my most favorite animal,
  • I can tell without hesitating -
  • that it's cat.
  • Whale is about my fourth favorite.
  • Whale looks wise and relaxed.
  • Also, it also big and have long lifespan
  • but it only seems it's long.
  • In case of the Humpback whale that I'm making,
  • it lives for about 60 years.
  • With wood filament,
  • Draw along the trace of the drawing on table.
  • I traced the drawing on the table
  • so you can see more easily.
  • It's okay for you to work on printed drawing without tracing.
  • You wanna only watch this and end up?
  • R-Whale-lly?
  • I didn't know that lol
  • While talking silly words, it's almost finished.
  • Tear off the part that will be the main shaft,
  • and set aside the others.
  • Then tear off one-by-one and connect to each place
  • marked with interval of 1cm.
  • Repeat this terrible stuff,
  • no, this 'process' about 30 times.
  • What you should be aware of doing this work
  • is you should align them well.
  • Just like, 'tornado fries'.
  • I've suddenly get curious -
  • Are there 'tornado fries' also in other countries?
  • Please leave comments for answer.
  • Now make the upper line of the whale
  • and attach to the tornado fries.
  • Also the tail parts.
  • If you finish this far,
  • it can wave very softly.
  • But because I'm going to make the whale figure,
  • so I'll fill every surfaces.
  • If it is well fixed,
  • tear the paper off
  • Actually, you shouldn't.
  • Cause this paper costs 500won (~0.45$) in a sheet.
  • Now build up the skeleton more compactly.
  • Fill the rest of surfaces in same way.
  • Then you may fill compactly once again.
  • If you try, you may know,
  • but this needs a lot of patience.
  • Do the same thing for the back side.
  • Now, the shape of the whale came out.
  • Now you should... stop thinking.
  • Filling the surface is the most tough work.
  • Whirl the pen round and round to fill the surface completely.
  • It can be done in about 4-5 hours.
  • This, is the fin of the whale.
  • It needs to built up separately with the body and then connect.
  • Fill the surface, also for fins.
  • Now hiring - for filling surface
  • It's really tough
  • If you come, I'll let you use water purifiers,
  • and restrooms for free.
  • It's not end yet.
  • I have to make marks everywhere on surface.
  • It's kind of expressing the texture,
  • this also takes very long time.
  • And I'm, especially more tired.
  • Because of the cat I'm raising, Antou (short of Antoinette)
  • Antou doesn't climb on the desk.
  • Instead, Antou climbs up on knees and rubs.
  • It's so cute that I can't even focus well on work.
  • Almost protesting for stroking itself
  • In this case, just pretend to lose and stroke.
  • Finish up expressing texture,
  • make detail expressions.
  • Make the mouth,
  • and also eyes.
  • Mark the place to attach arms,
  • and melt with lighter.
  • Attach the arm(fin) made before.
  • Did you know that whales are very helpful?
  • I didn't.
  • To not knowing is not a fault.
  • It's much worse to pretend to not know when actually knows.
  • Do you remember what I said when I made plankton?
  • - Plankton is an organism that consumes carbon dioxide the most
  • - and produces oxygen the most.
  • He says.
  • Excrement of whale is rich of helpful compositions such as iron or nitrogen,
  • so it gives good environment for phytoplanktons to grow.
  • It's said that the amount of oxygen that plankton produces
  • is about 70% of entire production on Earth.
  • Thus the protection of whale population
  • is vital for human survival.
  • Now it's almost done.
  • Make the base to place the whale on
  • with annoyingly expensive holed iron plate.
  • Fold up like this
  • and finish sharp edges with filament.
  • And use stick filament
  • to make a support to put the whale on.
  • Heat then split in half
  • then put the whale on,
  • Whale figure, finished.
  • I'll come back with more joyful videos.
  • Thank you, it was Sanago.

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Make a Whale with 3d Pen