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Seattle! If you are a hip hop artist between the age of 16-19, we are now accepting applications for The Residency class of 2020. The program includes a month-long summer intensive where students will collaborate with other artists, create their own original music, record in a professional studio and perform in front of hundreds of people at Sky Church in Museum of Pop Culture! There is a...

Join The Residency Class of 2020

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SWITZERLAND! Can't wait to play Open Air Gampel. See you this August. Tickets on sale now!
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Before we taped Ellen, we brought Christmas backstage...

Video by Jake Magraw
Audio by Kyle Pham

Macklemore - Main Vocal
Dan Caplen - Featured Vocal
Joshua "Budo" Karp - Acoustic Guitar
Kyla Moscovich - Trumpet
Darius Christian - Trombone

Thank you to The Ellen Show!

Macklemore - It's Christmas Time feat. Dan Caplen - Green Room Sessions

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The leg kick that I did on top of the piano at the end was for Toby. RIP ❤ . I love you Ellen DeGeneres

"It's Christmas Time" feat Dan Caplen on ELLEN

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Promotional budget: 1 Strawberry Mochi. “Now do I get a treat?” It’s Christmas Time video has been put into the world. Enjoy it my people. Spread the joy and share. Thanks for all the love ❤ [ Youtu.be Link ]

"It's Christmas Time" music video out noooow!

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At some point every holiday season, while watching Home Alone and drinking hot chocolate, the same idea hits me. “You are the grown rap version of Kevin McCallister. Now act like it and make a Christmas song." So I did. And most people are calling it “The 2nd best Christmas song behind "Jingle Bell Rock" and right before "Silent Night"... and waaaayyy better than "Little Drummer Boy”. ...


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Oh, so that's how you feel about my first mixtape... Christmas Confessions with Sloane. "It's Christmas Time" feat Dan Caplen out now! [ Macklemore.ffm.to Link ]

Christmas Confessions with Sloane

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Every year around Christmas time I think to myself “Just do it Ben. Make the song. You can be the new Mariah Carey”. Well, this year I finally am. “IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME” featuring Dan Caplen. Produced by Joshua "Budo" Karp and Tyler Dopps. Out NOW!! [ Macklemore.ffm.to Link ]


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Macklemore posted on Dec 13, 2019

ภาพหน้าปกของ Macklemore

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Macklemore posted on Dec 12, 2019

ภาพหน้าปกของ Macklemore

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