M1 Finance Dividend Stocks 2019

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Feb 05, 2019


M1 Finance Dividend Stocks 2019
M1 Finance Dividend Stocks 2019 thumb M1 Finance Dividend Stocks 2019 thumb M1 Finance Dividend Stocks 2019 thumb


M1 Finance Dividend Stocks 2019

This is the fourth video in my M1 Finance playlist of dividend stock investing videos. M1 Finance is an online brokerage that allows you to create your own portfolio or "pie" as they call it, and purchase fractional shares of the stocks or ETFs within your pie.

I chose to build a long-term dividend aristocrat portfolio that includes both domestic and foreign stocks. As the value of the investments may fluctuate over time, I'm focused on the cash flow in the form of dividends rather than capital appreciation of the positions themselves.

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