Luxury Fiberglass Camper by Oliver Travel Trailers | Small Travel Trailers

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Luxury Fiberglass Camper by Oliver Travel Trailers | Small Travel Trailers
Luxury Fiberglass Camper by Oliver Travel Trailers | Small Travel Trailers thumb Luxury Fiberglass Camper by Oliver Travel Trailers | Small Travel Trailers thumb Luxury Fiberglass Camper by Oliver Travel Trailers | Small Travel Trailers thumb


  • This small camper trailer is the legacy elite 2 by oliver travel trailers
  • it has a double hull fiberglass shell on an aluminum chassis. Now we're in
  • Tennessee and we wanted to come down to see Oliver travel trailers for
  • ourselves we've heard a lot of great things and now we want to take a walk
  • through one and see what they're really like
  • this is the twin bed model with the couch this can also come with another
  • bed on this side or you just convert the couch into a bed there's also a standard
  • floor plan that has a dinette in the back that converts into a king-size bed
  • coming in here is really like stepping on to a fancy boat from the look and
  • feel it seems to be very well built and will probably last a long time so let me
  • go through all the cool features in this thing one of my favorite happens to be
  • the windows in this bedroom / kind of dining or sitting area you have windows
  • on each side a big window in the back this also happens to be your emergency
  • exit if you want to sit have friends over there is a table you can put in
  • here that I'll set up in a minute there's a nightstand with a little
  • hidden cubby underneath drawer and then a flip down TV this area would be great
  • for having dinner entertaining friends sitting down doing some work or just
  • kicking back with your feet up watching TV or we could be playing euchre Kate's
  • favorite card game. all of the windows are thermal pane they open have screens
  • the screens open as well if for some reason you want to reach outside or just
  • leave it open there is a bug screen that goes over this also kind of mutes the
  • daylight coming in and then there is a Night Shade throughout the trailer there
  • are these little LED lights click those on and off speakers in the back end
  • front USB and 12 volt outlets on both sides of the camper right now we have
  • the backup camera plugged into that so you can kind of see what the view is out
  • the back but normally this would be mounted
  • in your truck or whatever your tow vehicle is so you can see what's going
  • on back there when you're trying to back this thing into a camping spot there is
  • storage along both sides of the camper and behind me each one of the storage
  • bins has a light as well as a latch to keep it closed bring it down and there
  • is a lot of room in these things in the rear cabinet there's an additional 110
  • outlet as well as the monitor unit for a built in progressive industries EMS or
  • electrical management system. this bracket is for the lagoon table let me
  • get that set up and show you what it looks like I'm able to move the table
  • back and forth twist it it also goes up and down on that bracket so it's very
  • adjustable and you could be sitting on the bed or here on the couch and have it
  • to your perfect height most of the controls for the ollie are in the center
  • of the camper there's a light switch panel also the panel for the true moe
  • aqua go this is the on-demand hot water system radio solar charge controller
  • tank monitor AC large pantry on the side
  • and another one of those cool little hidden compartments this fiberglass
  • trailer is double hulled so that means there is an outer fiberglass shell
  • within that shell they have insulation and then there is an interior shell
  • these are all bonded together and it creates a very good insulation against
  • the outside elements so right now we are standing in this trailer and because
  • we're filming we don't have the AC running outside in Tennessee it's middle
  • of the summer over 90 degrees and it's actually staying fairly cool in here
  • that white color keeps a lot of the heat off the insulation and everything does
  • the rest so this is a true four seasons camper you can take this down in the
  • heat put the AC you'll stay nice and cool in here or
  • take it up north be out in the snow as long as the furnace is going all of the
  • pipes and everything are inside and it'll keep this shell warm enough so
  • that nothing freezes for as small as this trailer is it's actually quite
  • spacious lots of room side to side and the ceiling height is six six
  • I'm 5'11" so there is more than enough room to walk around in here and not
  • worry about hitting your head plus it doesn't feel confined that taller
  • ceiling gives us a much more open feel especially with all the white walls and
  • everything the bed is quite comfy I was laying on this earlier and almost ended
  • up taking a nap one of Kate's favorite features in this
  • are the lights in the cabinets now in the kitchen as you can see there's more
  • cabinets up above there is a stainless steel sink and they put in a propane
  • stove now the cool thing they did here is they actually turned the stove
  • sideways well that seems like it might be a little bit odd the reason they did
  • it is when you open it you're cooking you're not getting grease and everything
  • flying over to the bed below the sink there are six drawers they're all
  • dovetailed and they have a soft closed feature open them up let them go and
  • they closed on their own and around the kitchen off there is a microwave and a
  • Dometic three-way frigerator so this will run on 12 volt 110 or propane when
  • you first come into the trailer you're greeted with this small dinette this is
  • perfect for just sitting here you can look out the door or this window a lot
  • of times we like to camp along the beach you have the door open you pop open the
  • windows sit here enjoy a cup of coffee breakfast maybe play a card game or two
  • below the dinette there is a 110 outlet there are LED lights above me as well as
  • two additional cabinets since we work full-time on the road it's really nice
  • to see two different work areas so you have the area in the back with that
  • lagoon table you also have the dinette up front so Kate and I can have our
  • separate spaces I also like the fact that there are plenty of USB ports and a
  • few let's throughout the camper this is
  • really handy when we're charging our devices a lot of times we'll have
  • different cameras or battery packs charging plus our laptops so the more
  • outlets the more USB connections for us the better and more importantly since we
  • are always on the move and we like to boondock quite a bit there is a Wi-Fi
  • and a cellular amplifier now the Wi-Fi amplifier is really helpful if you're
  • parked at a friend's house and you want to pick up their Wi-Fi signal or you're
  • at a campground and you're kind of at the end of the campground far away from
  • the antenna but we found most important is the cellular amplifier when we're out
  • in the middle of the desert and we get no cell signal whatsoever it has come in
  • really handy so we can do our work or just send out a message to say we're
  • okay and not to worry to give you an idea of how big this closet is I am able
  • to sit in here comfortably if it weren't for these shelves I could actually stand
  • up in here that is how much room there is in this closet up front in such a
  • small camper they've really paid attention to trying to utilize all of
  • the available space so there is a lot of storage in here above the closet is
  • another speaker and of course a place to hang your hat now let's go into the one
  • area everyone has been waiting for the bathroom in this camper they've
  • installed a composting toilet that is an option but there is an eighteen and a
  • half gallon black water tank for those who want a more traditional toilet
  • there's a little storage cubby above the toilet there is a towel rack window and
  • a fan in the bathroom and this is a wet bath there's a sink behind me the faucet
  • pulls out attaches up here this becomes your shower head and a nice thing is the
  • bathroom is actually fairly large so there is more than enough room to move
  • around and take a shower in here the freshwater tank on this model is thirty
  • gallons from tongue to tail this is 23 feet 6 inches long the actual camper
  • itself is 18 feet long it has dual axles there on light truck tires with a Dexter
  • easy flex in between the roof there is a full-length awning
  • Dometic AC as well as antennas for cell booster and Wi-Fi booster on the tongue
  • there is a bulldog coupler this provides a 360 degree grip on the ball hitch
  • itself an accessory box for throwing in things like your generator or wood - 30
  • pound propane tanks and if you are going boondocking and you've brought a
  • generator along you take that generator out of the accessory box and you can
  • plug it directly into the 30 amp receptacle up front there's a small
  • light also the control for the front level and then control for the two
  • hydraulic levels in the back one nice thing they've done here is they've put a
  • little access port for your propane tanks so you can come in here turn your
  • propane tanks on and off without having to lift the entire lid on the driver's
  • side is a 30 amp receptacle along with a plug for an external solar panel now
  • this trailer has 340 watts of solar on the roof it has a 2000 watt inverter and
  • in the battery box behind me it has four AGM batteries on a slide-out tray at the
  • rear of the Ahly is a lockable storage bay it has an outdoor shower with hot
  • and cold water inside there are your release valves for the black in the gray
  • tank now the black tank on this is 18 and a half gallons the gray tank is 32
  • there is also room to put your cords and other things in the back here it's also
  • accessible from inside the trailer below the bay there is a fresh water inlet as
  • well as your city water inlet cable hookup at the very back and then behind
  • the bumper is where you store all of your sewer hoses just pop out a latch on
  • either side
  • and everything goes underneath there's a gas line if you have an exterior grill
  • you want to hook up as well as an inlet if you're planning on winterizing or
  • drawing water in from a bladder you can turn on the pump and suck that right
  • through and it comes with a full-size spare in the back on both sides of the
  • trailer there are LED lights along the top as well as underneath and on the
  • passenger side there are two 110 outlets the aluminum steps are built in-house by
  • oliver and they're very heavy-duty let me demonstrate
  • base price for the legacy elite two is fifty three thousand nine hundred the
  • way this one has been optioned out it comes in right around seventy thousand
  • dollars if you're in Tennessee and all of our trailers are your thing I
  • definitely recommend coming by scheduling a tour and taking a look at
  • these things in person they are very cool to see online or in a video like
  • this one but once you see and feel this thing in person it is just awesome thank
  • you guys so much for watching if you want to learn more about who we are and
  • what we do head on over to weretherussos.com see you next time bye

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Legacy Elite II is a small luxury fiberglass travel trailer made by Oliver Travel Trailers. This small travel trailer has a double fiberglass hull and aluminum chassis with a 7,000 lbs GVWR. Caravans and Small Travel Trailers: https://weretherussos.com/small-travel-trailers-under-3500/

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