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Since 1996, we’ve been serving up the best fizz in the biz. Our bath, body and skincare products are all made with ethically-sourced ingredients to benefit both mind, body and the environment.

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Soap Myth #2: Liquid soap bottles are easy to recycle ♻

Fun fact: you can’t just toss liquid soap bottles in the recycling bin. Compared to packaging-free bar soap which simply melts away as you use it, recycling liquid soap containers requires more work.

First, you have to completely rinse out the bottle, because leftover residue makes it harder to break down and be turned into new...


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When you're stuck inside, sometimes the only way to escape is by taking a nice, long bath. For us at least.

Sometimes we might light a few candles and find a bath bomb with some of our favorite soothing ingredients like lavender or chamomile. Sometimes we might turn on our favorite playlist and brew up a big tub of bubbles. Other times, we might indulge in sweet, playful scents that make us...


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Welcome to the first installment of our weekly #AMA (ask me anything) series. This week we're diving into all things calm with Erica Vega, our Brand and Product Expert.

Want in on the fun? Here's what you need to do to participate:

1) Head over to our Instagram story
2) Send us your questions relating to the topic: calm
3) Tune in at 12:00 PM PST on our Instagram Live to see Erica in...


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Hey Lushies,

Just like you, we’re taking things day by day.

Because social media can be a really stressful place right now, we wanted to share our plan for the coming week so you know what you can expect from us.

Our goal is to create content that’s uplifting and hopeful. And we want your help. Share anything that’s making you feel joy with #LushShowAndTell and let’s all give each other a...
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Introducing: #LushShowAndTell a chance to showcase moments of happiness from within our community. ❤⁠

"My favorite part of my routine right now are our weekend family brunches. My husband and I were always out and about before and it was fun but it was so hectic especially with a baby. Because we’ve chosen to practice social distancing, we’ve had a lot more time to slow down and recreate our...

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All soap is great for getting rid of grime and dirt, but did you know certain ingredients are powerhouses when it comes to getting you super clean? ✨

Click here for the perfect soap to get you squeaky-clean ➡ [ Bit.ly Link ]

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We can’t help but feel unsettled by all the news right now. With updates that friends, families and communities are being impacted by the coronavirus, we wanted to find a way to spread kindness and foster community in a time that feels overwhelmingly isolated.

Starting today, we’ll be introducing Lush Good Feels, episodes that feature Sabine from our Social team every Thursday. She’ll be...

Lush Good Feels - Episode 1

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Soap Myth #1: Bar soap is dirty

If you’re worried about bacterial buildup on your soap, you’re not alone. It’s a common misconception that the dirt gets “trapped” on the surface of soap.

This is actually not true. In fact, when you wash with soap, it lifts away impurities so they’re easier to rinse off. Just be sure to rinse the bar and store it in a dry draining dish when you’re done....

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Though our shops remain closed until March 29, we wanted to make it easier for you to get your hands on essential products to keep your body clean and mind calm.

Through April 30, please enjoy free shipping on all ground orders over $40. If you don’t see what you want in stock, please continue to check back. We’re refilling our digital shelves as quickly as we can.

Head over to our...

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To our dearest Lushies,

Given what we know today, we believe it’s our duty as an ethical business to do what we can to slow the spread of this virus and minimize the impact on our hardworking healthcare professionals. As such, we have decided to temporarily close all 258 Lush retail stores across Canada and the US from March 16 - 29. We are working through how we can best support our...

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