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Thanks to everyone who sent in a song. Crack open a two lane (if over 21) and enjoy. [ Strm.to Link ]
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There’s a lot of good GIFs out there of me. We could all use a laugh, so I have a challenge for you guys. Take a GIF, turn it into a meme, and drop it in the comments below.
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You can love margaritas in more ways than one. Comment below with how you take yours. I go on the rocks with salt. #OneMargarita [ Umgn.us Link ]
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Got the perfect list of weekend quarantunes for y’all. Enjoy. [ Lukebryan.lnk.to Link ]

Songs for Staying Home

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Last day for this deal. Make sure to check it out. [ Umgn.us Link ]
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You’re not in the Top 40, Jonny. You’re in the Top 20. American Idol

Katy Perry Finally Gets Why Margie Is So Obsessed with Jonny West - American Idol 2020

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Hearing stories like this is why I love this job. Go Sam I Am! American Idol

Just Sam SURPRISES Lionel, Luke and Katy with Her Showcase Song Choice - American Idol 2020

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Jovin definitely handled his business at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, welcome to the Top 20. American Idol

Jovin Webb Brings Some SOUL to the Hawaii Top 40 Showcase - American Idol 2020

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That was one of our favorite performances, DeWayne. Welcome to the Top 20. American Idol

Katy Perry Says DeWayne Crocker Jr’s Performance is One of Her Favorites - American Idol 2020

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Lionel Richie and Nick just had a full circle moment. #Top20 American Idol

Nick Merico Performs Bruno Mars Hit During Hawaii Top 40 Showcase - American Idol 2020

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